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12 Nov 2019
The Riazor is losing the hope and people at the stands, a team that improved, but not enough despite the coach continues to search for the right system. The errors still there, and now even Dani Giménez is costing goals.

The eight notes from the game Vs. Elche CF:

1- The luck: The players were feeling sorry and argued that Deportivo missed some luck in this game, it could sound like an excuse in a chain of poor arguments to defend the negative season of Depor. But the true is that it is a solid argument to explain what happened in this game. The match started with a free-kick opportunity for Aketxe that was saved by Edgard Badía, and from there Elche CF had a free-kick attempt that meant the first goal. The game would have been different if the results of these plays end with a different outcome.

In the second half, when the score was already tied, the locals protested a possible penalty after a hand inside Elche’s area, only to see minutes later how Dani Giménez committed a penalty that meant the second goal for the Valencians. Then Mollejo could have scored the equalizer again, but Badía made a great save (73’).  And the game ended with a new defensive error when the Galicians were already disordered on the pitch. Yes, Depor are starring a poor season, but things could have been different in this game if any of these actions would have been favourable for the locals.

2- Luis César is still searching for a system: For the third straight opportunity, Luis César made changes and the team continued to look flat in attack. Longo was the one left out of the game, Aketxe returned and was the player with more passes (55), but none of them meant the creation of a scoring opportunity, that’s why it seemed that he passed unnoticed in the game. It neither helped the switch on the wings, Mollejo and Jovanović lacked depth on the sides, actually Mollejo looked better when he was inside the area, first scoring the goal and later been close to net the second goal. One more experiment, one more failure for the coach.

3- The defensive errors: Luis César has been saying that his team has been improving, mainly in defence, but he doesn’t see that the defensive errors are still killing Deportivo. The first two goals were avoidable if the keeper would have been better, and the third goal came after a terrible mistake by Aketxe. Luis César said that, in the case of the third goal, it is forgivable as the team was hurried and decomposed, but the point is that Depor were still alive at that height in the game.

4- New error by Dani Giménez: For the third opportunity within the last four games, Dani Giménez committed an error that lead to a goal. This time it could even be said that it happened twice, he should have defended better the free-kick that meant the first goal, and the second goal was his mistake for losing the ball first and later for committing the penalty. Some fans are even asking to replace him and give a chance to Koke Vegas.

5- Mujaid: Pleasant surprise with Mujaid Sadick acting as a right-back defender, the Fabril’s player looked solid, he even had to face Josán after Fidel was switched to the left and never granted an opportunity to the rival. Actually, who didn’t look fine was Salva Ruiz when he had to face Josán during the first half.

6- The double standard with the hands: The public at the Riazor were upset with the referees for not whistling a penalty at the start of the second half. A cross from Salva Ruiz hit the arm of a defender (48’) and referee Díaz de Mera didn’t even want to consult the VAR. The big problem with this is that it was exactly the same kind of play that cost a penalty and the defeat against Albacete. The referees cannot have these double standards judging these kinds of plays, because in the end it affects a team, and in this case it is Deportivo.

7- Poor attendance at the Riazor: It seems that the fans are starting to give up. Despite the game was played on a Sunday, only 11,690 persons attended to the match, it’s the worst mark since the last relegation, actually it’s the worst number in 30 years for a league game, and the worst in an official game since the 11,393 that attended for the Copa game with CD Mirandés (January 12, 2016).

8- Fourteen games without winning: It seemed unthinkable at the starting the campaign, but Depor have now spent fourteen straight matchdays without winning. It’s about to reach the march from the campaign 1987/88 (17), in that season Depor escaped the relegation just by the goal-difference rule (Bilbao Athletic went down having the same points than Deportivo).



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