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12 Nov 2019
The coach was saying that it was the best game since his arrival, while the players were saying that Depor need some good luck.

Luis César Sampedro said that, despite the defeat, it was the best game since his arrival to Depor, “I am sad and feel depressed, but for the first time I didn’t feel frustrated watching the game from the side. We must feel sad off course, but I believe we didn’t make a game to lose 1-3. The score can conditionate the analysis, but with too little they hammered us. I believe we improved in defence despite allowing three goals. I am sad, but not angered. Right now, with too little they are punishing us, but we are trying and today’s game was our best since my arrival. That’s how I feel.”

Asked why Depor concede a goal with a little effort from the rival, he commented that, “The game was equal and I saw that the fans were enjoying with the team, and they score after a foul that was not even close. It never rains but it pours, and you get wet when you approach to any corner. We must move forward and will get the reward if we insist. Since we lost 1-3, people can say that we were worse, but we were better than the day at Santander. People will say that I am crazy, but my team is growing. Don’t laugh but we will play worse and will win. The light is coming.”

The Galician coach was saying how the players must bear the current situation, “Thy need to be expert in forgetting, nothing more. As I said before, we must continue and this is a long race. They have to forget and this scare will stay there. We must move forward. We always talk of fixing things and forgetting, today there are less things to correct than the day of Málaga and Santander, that’s my professional opinion. But as I said before, people won’t believe me as we are losing.”

He was also commenting what the team did wrong in the second part, “In the second half we wanted to attack and there were too much people in front of the ball, and we need to put people behind and at the height of the ball, this if we want to attack well. We need to fix that. “

Luis César also explained why Mujaid played at the right side of the defence, “He is almost invincible in one-on-one actions and I believe he has some problems in aerial plays, but he is fast. I chose him and I believe he made a solid game, though he ended with muscle issues. They even switched Fidel of side and I chose him because he is a rock.”

The coach also denied a common criticism towards the centre midfielders, for him the two pivotes are working, this after been asked for the secondary role of Vicente and Gaku, “If I am playing with Peru and Álex, then there’s no room for Vicente and Gaku. Gaku can perform as a playmaker, and today I played with two men up front. They will enter at some point, off course, but there’s no room for them right now. I believe we didn’t lose for the two pivotes, but for other things.” 

Álex Bergantiños was feeling sorry for the bad luck of Deportivo, “Someday the match will arrive in which we claim the lead in the first action. The only thing that will get us out of this is to keep working hard and we must look forward. I think that, in these three matchdays, we have allowed four shots and all have been goals. This, together with that terrible period without winning, it’s complicated to have peace of mind and we are more mentally fragile. Theirs is an unfair success regarding us.”

Javier Mollejo was also saying that Deportivo are lacking some good luck, but at the same time he was asking for more consistency, "The second half has been as usual. We do self-criticism, but we aren’t unable to make something falling to our side. You have to wake up and follow. This way the victories won’t come. You have to be stronger and more constant throughout the game.”

At Elche CF, Pacheta was happy with the performance of the team, “Depor are a very large team, a large entity, beautiful field and wonderful atmosphere. Here you enjoy football. We played a serious game, we knew how to suffer and at one point, when situations in the areas smile at you... we have been strong. We have had controlled the game during many phases. We have controlled an injured Deportivo. A Depor that is not in great moment but that has great players. No doubt that the second victory on the road brings morale. But calm down. We are humble, so be quiet.”

Francis Uzoho is back in A Coruña in order to undergo a knee surgery, and just minutes after the final while he wrote a tweet criticizing the team, “Fabril from last two seasons can do better than this… Mollejo, who seems to be the best player in this team, might not spot in Fabril.”

He later erased the message, but the players at the first team didn’t like it. Actually, Mollejo responded when he was asked about it, “I don’t know, it’s his opinion. Does he belong to Depor? Maybe the solution to our problems is him.”

Later Francis wrote another tweet apologizing, “I am truly sorry Mollejo and everyone I hurt with my words, I was really wrong to say something like that, it wasn’t the right moment. I’m part of this team and club no matter where I’m and in the same situation. I hope you’ll accept my apologies. Thank you.” 




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