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29 Nov 2019
Álex Bergantiños reaffirmed that the game with AD Alcorcón should be the starting point for Depor, both for not allowing goals and for the feelings using the 4-3-3 system.

Deportivo have spent 16 games without winning, so many fans didn’t understand why the players felt some relief after the goalless draw with AD Alcorcón, but Álex Bergantiños explained their view on Thursday, “Cutting the bleeding of goals has to be the starting point. The team felt that it wasn’t fragile, it was the first time this season. That has to be the base in order to grow.”

Then the midfielder talked of what Depor need in order to clinch the salvation, "The salvation is usually between 48 and 50 points. I don’t think that it will change this season and we have a long way to go with the ballast we have been dragging around for so long. In this competition, each year, there are examples of teams that chain straight victories or several games without losing. It’s one of the most even competitions in the world."

The Galician player also talked of the complex situation at Depor as the initial goal was the promotion, “The situation in which we are now becomes more difficult to digest, because we are in a club of high expectations. You think you were so close last year and this time it won’t even happen, and you see yourself as the bottom team on matchday 17."

All the players at the team have been saying that they felt great in the 4-3-3 draw implemented in the last game, and Álex wasn’t the exception, “The team felt much more comfortable in this draw. We highlight the work of the three in attack, how they made the pressure. It was one of the few times that the team was solid and compact at all times. The important thing is to put that in different scenarios. “

Asked about the negative environment surrounding the club, he admitted that the players are the responsible ones, “These are difficult times for everyone. If we were in promotion positions or were at Primera, then everyone would be happier and there wouldn’t be so many comments from other situations. Both economically, as management or names. In the end it is part of this business. The main thing in a club is its first team and the sporting plane. I have spent many years in this business and the important thing is the results. If the sporting thing works, then the rest goes better. Right now, everything that’s talked about the standings, debts and past times would be different if the team would be better. We are responsible."

About the next rival, CD Lugo, he said that, “It is an example of how to optimize resources. Always with reliable players, who know the league. They are doing touch-ups and always have a competitive squad. Good management of the ball by their players from midfield and they don’t allow too many goals. I wish there were more clashes between Galician teams in Primera and Segunda. The more they repeat these matches, the intensity increases, they get more attractive and are hotter.”

Finally, Bergantiños talked of Gaku Shibasaki and Beto da Silva, players without too many opportunities so far, "Gaku is not entering so much, but he always trains very well, and I would put Beto as an example. He is having fewer options than he may have deserved and is always working with an exemplary attitude. He will give us good moments and hopefully it will be as soon as possible."



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