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03 Dec 2019
Improvements at the worst Depor ever, but everything is worthless as the winless streak continues. Second straight clean sheet, but the team has spent three games without scoring a goal.

The six notes from the game at CD Lugo:

1- Not enough: The Deportivo of the 4-3-3 is a more stable team, the new system of Luis César has shown signs of improvements as it’s no longer committing continuous errors opening the doors to the rivals in order to score goals. But the current winless streak is heavy burden that won’t be covered by any improvement no matter how important it could be, the same coach admitted it in his press conference after the game, “As long as we don’t win nothing will fill us.”

2- Double reading: The result at the Anxo Carro left a double reading: Depor are no longer conceding goals and it’s a team without the ability to score goals. For the first time on the season the Galician outfit has clinched two straight clean sheets, but at the same time it increased the current goal drought to 334 minutes without scoring a goal. The last goal scored by Depor was against Elche CF at the Riazor (November 10).

3- The appearance of Aketxe as centre forward: Luis César repeated the lineup that faced AD Alcorcón with the exception of Ager Aketxe replacing Longo. The coach has four players for the position, but decided to improvise with the Basque player, and it didn’t work, not only because Depor didn’t score, but also because Aketxe barely was a factor in the game. He only completed two shots and created one opportunity to score. In the end he was the first substitution in the game.

4- The side defenders: Another game in which the side defenders had a solid performance. Mujaid Sadick was a rock at the right side, he was the player on the pitch with more losses (25), but it was for been joining the attacks and not for giving a bad pass in defence. Luis Ruiz had more problems dealing with Cristian Herrera and Rahmani, but in the end he made the job.

5- The worst Deportivo ever: It finally happen. Deportivo have chained 17 straight games without winning, which means the worst streak ever at the club tied with the one of the season 1987/88. Curiously both streaks occurred with the team at Segunda and not at Primera División. So, it’s possible to say that this is the worst Depor ever.

6- Another negative mark: 1,080 minutes without leading the score: Deportivo reached a mark of four digits as it has now spent 1,080 minutes without bene leading in the score. The last time Depor were leading the score was in the stoppage time of the home game with CD Numancia (September 18).



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