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03 Dec 2019
The coach believes that the outcome would be good in different circumstances, but that nothing will be enough as long as Depor remain winless. The players had mixed feelings too.

Luis César Sampedro was giving his impression on the game, “The game was equal and balanced, at moments the game didn’t have a clear dominator and there were stretches in which one side was defending more than the other. We lacked clarity in the arrivals, the attacks with superiority didn’t end in scoring opportunities and we lost options to damage Lugo. We also conceded some occasion, like their first approximation after a throw-in in our favour. Two teams that tried to attack and that didn’t do any damage.”

He then commented the lack of goal from his team, “We have to score goals. In order to win you have to score one more goal than the rival. Truly it isn’t enough with draws, but you are closer to win if you draw. Today we didn’t come to defend, we came to Lugo in order to press and tried to attack. Lugo felt uncomfortable. But it’s true that, in order to win, you need to score goals and we aren’t doing it.”

The Galician coach also admitted that the draw isn’t enough for Deportivo, “Yes, it isn’t enough. I am not leaving content as I wanted to win. We do good things in defence, and in attack we aren’t fine. We have stepped into the rival’s area in the counterattack, but we aren’t scoring. What happens is that, what I want is that a goal would be enough to not lose the game, and we are now doing it though we are missing to score. It isn’t like the past when we were allowing twice in a game, that situation was untenable.”

Then he was asked if he is content with the 4-3-3 and the response was, “I will not be content as long as we don’t win. We have improved in defence and aren’t losing, but it isn’t a compensation for not wining. As long as we don’t win, things are complicated. This team doesn’t win since matchday 01, it is like that and that’s why we are like this.”

Luis César ended saying that no one will be content as long as Depor continue with its winless streak, “Everyone is so willful to win a game that as long as we don’t do it, we won’t valorize anything as positive. Huesca and Rayo Vallecano lost on here, and today’s game was equal. It isn’t easy to play on here. In other situation at the standings, this draw would be saw in a different way, but as long as we don’t win nothing will fill us. Nobody believes you anymore at the moment of trying to explain why you aren’t winning.”

Álex Bergantiños had a bittersweet taste after the game, "It seems that the team is being more reliable, but the pause is missing in attack in order to score a goal. We had two or three clear options, but we were too hurried in the last three quarters. And that makes us have a lot of losses and that’s why we don't finish those options. At least the team is safer, more reliable. It's a way to lay foundations to grow. Let's see if we can get that pause to score a goal."

"It is still a limit situation, we are the bottom team, with 12 points. You have to add a lot. But it’s true that, in order to get out of these situations, the first thing is to grow from behind. Within the last two games the team has being much more reliable, safer. With the ball we are feeling more comfortable, and we are only missing that last quarter to have that peace of mind to generate more options and succeed in some of those chances. We had two or three clear today in which we haven’t been able to put the ball in. Those details are what mark the matches.” Depor’s captain added.

Similar were the feelings of Luis Ruiz, "The mole we have is that we still without winning. But there are many positive things that can be assessed. This is the way. From the game we are doing, everyone is involved, a clean sheet and we move on. The game with Alcorcón was a turning point. This is the way. We have to clean the slate and clear the previous 16 games and get mentalized in this new beginning. Just look forward and think positive."

“The victory is closer than the day of Extremadura. The end is coming and the three points are closer. We have to face the situation we are in and look forward. Just thinking of working, of continuing to improve, of influencing what we are doing well, of improving the things we are doing wrong in the face of the goal.” The left-back defended added.

Borja Valle talked on Monday and the striker explained the letdown for another wasted chance to win a game, “Things don’t work out, we don’t win. We must add three points and this season wasn’t in the imagination of anyone. I suffer every day in the situation we are in. We are screwed and people shouldn’t doubt that we go home with a lot of pain, we are the protagonists.”

Las cosas no salen, no ganamos. Hay que sumar de tres en tres y esta temporada no se hubiese imaginado en la cabeza de nadie. Sufro cada día en la situación en la que estamos. Estamos jodidos y que la gente no dude de que nos vamos a casa con mucho dolor, somos los protagonistas”.

At CD Lugo, coach Eloy Jiménez wasn’t happy as he thinks that his team could have won the game, “I believe we have left them alive. The players were annoyed in that regard too. Deportivo is Deportivo and can always react. It is what we expected. We knew that the rival was complicated and that we would have all the conditions of a derby. The game is marked by the occasion at minute 3 that we had. We have managed to control a little more ourselves. We knew we had to play a lot in the opposite field. That is the dynamic we have to take, being this aggressive at home.” 




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