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03 Dec 2019
The worst game of Fabril on this season meant a defeat at Abegondo. The lads played a terrible first half and the effort done in the second wasn’t enough to rescue a point.

Coach Luisito was having several casualties for the game. Famoussa Kanouté was suspended after been sent off in the previous game. Then David Sánchez, Bourdal and Aarón Sánchez were out injured. Besides, Mujaid Sadick was concentrated with the first team. In the end, side defender Víctor Eimil played for the second straight opportunity as a centre-back joining Iago Parga.

It was simply the worst game of Fabril on the current league campaign. The lads didn’t exist in the first part and it was too late when they tried to react in the second. The team also suffered an expulsion for the second straight match.

The start of the game was poor, no one dominated and the only chance to score within the first twenty minutes was the goal of Racing Vilalbés. Midfielder José Varela found the ball inside the area after a corner-kick and that was enough to claim the victory.

The first half was so poor and Luisito was so upset that he ordered two substitutions before the break. The first was Pedro, who picked a knock and wanted to continue, bur the coach decided to allow the entry of Jawed Boumeddane. Later Youssouf Yalike was removed from the pitch, the Ivorian midfielder was debuting as a starter, but the coach opted in a more offensive choice as Javi Sánchez.

It was until the second half that Fabril had some reaction. The presence of Javi Sánchez helped to have more depth on the sides and the team had some approximations through Losada and Villares, but they didn’t’ seize the chances.

Yevhen Pidlepenets entered for the final minutes replacing Iago Novo, but the side that was closer to score within the final minutes was Racing Vilalbés, this after Cuadrado didn’t seize a counterattack sending the ball over the crossbar (90’). And Fabril suffered a new expulsion as Jawed Boumeddane was sent out with two yellow cards at the last minute.

Fabril: (4-4-2) Álex Cobo - Valín, Iago Parga, Eimil, Martí Vilà – Iago Novo (Yevhen Pidlepenets 78’), Iago Gandoy, Youssouf Yalike (Javi Sánchez 30’), Villares - Mario Losada, Pedro Correia (Jawed Boumeddane 22’).
Racing Villálbes: (4-2-3-1) Javi Pita – Buyo, Diego López, David Vérez, Josito (Diego Muiña 69’) – Javi Varela, José Varela – Make (Diego Rey 82’), Javi Sanda, Sito (Ángel Fernández 72’) – Cuadrado.
Goal: 0-1: (17’) José Varela
Referee: Juan Luis Davila. He showed yellow card to Make (6’), Diego López (10’), Javi Sanda (37’), Javi Pita (42’), Mario Losada (43’), Iago Parga (74’) & Cuadrado (85’). Jawed Boumeddane was sent out with two yellow cards (49’ & 90’).
Venue: Abegondo






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