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11 Dec 2019
Late on Monday the club announced that Paco Zas and his board of directors will leave the club, but it will happen until January, just in the middle of the winter window.

Another chapter for the nightmare tale of Deportivo. The club announced late on Monday that president Paco Zas and his board of directors have decided to leave the club. It was a measure that came out from the weekly meeting of the board, just one day after the first team reached the infamous streak of 19 games without winning. This board will only last seven months after former president Tino Fernández resigned in April.

Deportivo are in a big crisis, been the last place at the standings, without showing signs of reaction and now without a head to direct a comeback. Zas and his board have been under fire, not only for the poor decisions made at the moment of building up the team for the current season, but for keeping sporting director Carmelo del Pozo (the target of most of the criticism) and most recently for not speaking to the public in recent weeks.

Zas talked three times to the press between September and October, on September 30 he addressed the media and confirmed the continuity of Anquela, just nine days later the Andalusian coach was fired. Then he talked again when Luis César was presented, and is final appearance was on October 22, when it was first rumored that the board was going to quit.

At the time Zas said that it wasn’t entering into his plan to leave Deportivo in this situation, "We have total and absolute confidence in the squad, in the coach and in all the sporting staff. As an athlete, at a time like this, with the team in a situation like this, to be at the bottom., I would not understand to think about not supporting Deportivo, in getting off the boat. I am a sportsman since I was born practically. Leaving my team in this situation doesn’t fit into my concepts. " He said.

48 days later he has changed his mind. The comments in the media is that Zas and the board have suffered harassment from certain sectors of the public, to the point that the president had to hire a personal guard in order to attend to the matches at the Riazor.  Actually, it is known that the home of Carmelo del Pozo was vandalized in November.

Now there will be an extraordinary shareholders meeting on January 13, 2020. The board of directors will present their resignation that day. The problem is that, according to the law, a voting process can only take place 30 days before the call, and that means that new elections can only take place starting in January. This situation is causing more questions than answers, because the new board will arrive in the middle of the winter window, and it isn’t clear who will make the decisions trying to revert the current situation towards the second round in liga.



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