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23 Dec 2019
The first team is now resting, so all the attention is focused in what will happen with the board of directors. A new board will land at the middle of the month and it’s also expected an increase of the club’s capital.

Paco Zas and his board of directors will leave the club in an extraordinary shareholders meeting that will take place between January 13 and 14. For now only Fernando Vidal has announced his candidacy to the presidency.

Another thing in the agenda is the expected announcement regarding an increase in the club’s capital. Vidal said during the shareholders meeting held last week that ABANCA will invest money in the club trough a club’s capital and that the details are under negotiation, and that an announcement will be made before next month’s meeting.

This increase in the capital is necessary as it’s the fastest way to bring fresh money to the club and lift the salary cap. The general consensus is that the first team needs reinforcements and the only way to do it is by increasing the salary cap.

So, the major part of the expected signings will only occur until the salary cap is increased. Another thing in the agenda is to know if Luis César Saampedro will continue on the bench. Zas promised that he will talk with Vidal and with any other candidate that could emerge and that they will decide about the signings, but so far there’s no confirmation if the Galician coach will continue on board.



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