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25 Dec 2019
Luis César remains as the head coach of Deportivo, but the shadow of Fernando Vázquez remains surrounding Deportivo. A report even said that he will coach the team on Saturday.

President Paco Zas said after the shareholders meeting that no big moves were going to be made until it is clear who is going to be the next president. One day after the meeting he had a reunion with Fernando Vidal, who is the only public candidate for the role, and moves were expected to occur, especially regarding the coach.

But one week later Luis César Sampedro remains to be the head coach of Deportivo. It gave the impression that the current coach will remain in his job at least until January. However, on Monday, news agency EFE reported that the club was about to close a deal with Fernando Vázquez, and that the intention is to have him on the bench for Saturday, day in which the first team returns to train after the Christmas break.

Luis César has been on the bench for twelve official games (eleven in liga and one in Copa). He arrived trying to change the disastrous course of Juan Antonio Anquela, but just made things worse as his team only added four points in his first ten liga games. Ironically, the victories arrived when the position of the coach was more compromised, so Depor chained straight victories over CF Illueca (Copa) and CD Tenerife (liga).

If Fernando Vázquez ends landing at Depor, it would be his second stage at the club. He arrived for the Primera season 2012/13 in similar circumstances as Deportivo were about to suffer the relegation. His team managed to react and arrived to the last matchday outside of relegation, but a 0-1 defeat with Real Sociedad sent the team to Segunda División.

Vázquez stayed for the following campaign and achieved the promotion to Primera as the runners-up in the league despite the club faced big financial problems. That was the last stage of Lendoiro at the club, the arrival of Tino Fernández marked the exit of Vázquez from the club during the summer of 2014.



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