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28 Dec 2019
Paco Zas and his board of directors decided to step out on Friday after not accepting the measures that Fernando Vidal was demanding. The club is now under the supervision of a temporary administrator.

The problems at Deportivo weren’t fixed after the last shareholders meeting, it seemed that there was going to be a peaceful transition into the elections on January 14, but in the end things just turned to be more complicated.

Paco Zas and his board of directors were going to leave the club on January 14, and until then they promised to cooperate with the candidates that were going to present their projects. Only Fernando Vidal announced his candidacy and presented the future members of his board of directors.

The candidacy of Vidal was considered as very strong as it included a financial agreement with ABANCA that’s going to allow the signings of players during the winter window, and even the survival in case of a demotion to Segunda B. It was commented the existence of a second candidacy with Juan Carlos Valerón as the head of the project, but it was never officially presented as it lacked financial support.

The idea was that the board of directors and the candidates were going to decide together the measures to make ahead of the winter window. The premature exit of Zas has to do with the fact that he didn’t want to assume the consequences that should correspond to the next board, among them to sack coach Luis César Sampedro and the acceptance of the deal with ABANCA, deal that will convert the bank into the main shareholder of the club.

For this reason the board decided to resign. On Thursday and early Friday, there were two meetings between Paco Zas and the group of Fernando Vidal. And it was decided that the club is going to have a temporary administrator, who will direct the club until January 14. And this temporary administrator is Juan Antonio Armenteros, who is a well-known lawyer in A Coruña and a member of Vidal’s candidacy.

The temporary board of directors will have other five members: José Luis Queijeiro Fuentes (secretary), Manuel José Vázquez Martínez, Federico García Poncet, Ricardo González Fernández and Argimiro Vázquez Guillén (advisors).



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