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31 Dec 2019
New boss Fernando Vázquez was presented to the public. The Galician coach confessed that he was wishing to return and talked about his will to save the current situation.

Fernando Vázquez was presented on Monday, just after ending the training session. President Juan Antonio Armenteros introduced him and later the Galician coach addressed the media. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

The main goal is the salvation: "No matter how impossible it may look, it is possible. We must assume that the danger is there, and the fans must make a step forward in order to help. I always say that the most important thing in a club is their fans. The league in which you play in not important, the important thing is the fans. Please, I will like to see a full stadium. I don’t come here as a plan B, or a safety net. I come here as a coach. The previous coaches are my friends. Luis César was a player of mime and Anquela is a friend of mine and a great guy. But don’t seem me as a magician. I will try to keep Depor at Segunda, but the demotion is also possible. That’s why I think the fans should come to the stadium even more than when the team was at Primera."

“I face the challenge with all the will of the world. I arrived in a similar situation eight years ago. We were seven points away from salvation. The circumstances were very difficult. In the end we went down, because we didn’t do the homework. But I think is possible to do it now. It was already made in the past, so it can be done. I come in order to increase the intensity of the players.”

Is the salvation harder now than when you arrived with the team at Primera? “It doesn’t mean it will be more difficult. You don’t find a Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atlético here. Truly you can lose against anyone, but you can also beat anyone. It is a civil war out there.”

What do you think of the squad? “If a team isn’t yielding, then the players are missing quality. The quality of the players is totally linked with their performance. That’s why people think that the squad is lacking quality.  So, you end asking if the players are good or not. You can train a person and a player. Everything is related. But if we chain six straight wins, then it’s possible that the public will think that they are good. So, what’s the real thing? That you are good as long as you win. I guess the team is better now as it is coming from two straight victories. I hope to seize this situation after Luis César was able to chain two victories.”

Do you expect many changes during the winter window? “I cannot tell you the real level of the team, because I just watched them on TV. Now I will know as I am meeting them. I will now talk to them and see their characteristics. I will not say more about this, I can only say that the players will give everything.”

Do you think the fans will be united your arrival? “I can only tell you that the fans are the ones that make this club big. What’s the reason of existence of any club? It isn’t to score goal; it is to please the fans going to the stadium. A club exits for having fans. So, we have to think what we will do with Depor. It isn’t important if the fans are separated from other reasons, the important thing is that they are united for this club. We will try to make a click with them.”

Were you expecting to return? “Besides little fool things, I wanted to return to Deportivo. I was convinced that I was going to return. I hope to live a different situation. I hope that, next year, we can make a different team and that we can aspire to Primera División. My hope is to save Deportivo.”

What to expect for the game at CD Numancia? “I consider myself as an eclectic coach. I will tell you on Friday.”



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