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02 Jan 2020
Emre Çolak is the first Depor’s signing for the winter window. The club could end up making eight signings during this period.

The winter transfer window is already open in Spain. Deportivo already made one movement with the arrival of Emre Çolak, who joined the trainings on Wednesday. It’s expected that the club will end up making eight signings, but that will depend on the money available.

The new board is paving the way for the arrival of Fernando Vidal, who is expected to arrive into the presidency thanks to the support of ABANCA. The main creditor of Deportivo was ready to give a loan for €1 million, though la liga doesn’t allow to increase the salary cap through loans, it only allows it through new incomes like sponsorships and the raise in the club’s capital.

Without having a clear idea of the plan made by Vidal, the most probable scenario now is to use the small margin available plus to increase the current cap through the exit of players currently at the first team. For now the arrival of Çolak is possible as he is a free agent and the only think that’s now part of the salary cap are his wages.

La Voz de Galicia reported that another imminent candidate to join the team is Celso Borges (31, Göztepe SK), who was even passing the Christmas period in A Coruña. Meanwhile, La Opinión A Coruña wrote that the club is interested in striker Álex Alegria (27, RCD Mallorca). Both cases are more complicated as it will require to reach a loan agreement with their clubs.



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