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03 Jan 2020
Playmaker Emre Çolak was presented on Thursday. The Turkish layer explained that Depor is always a priority for him, and also said that his debut will probably be delayed until the game in Copa Del Rey.

Emre Çolak was presented don Thursday before the training session. He explained about his return to Depor, “I am very happy to be here. I hope to do my best for the team again. I am very grateful to all who have made my signing possible. I was training and had some offers, but Ríchard [Barral] called me and told me that I had to help Depor. After that call I didn't think about it anymore and decided to go home. When I have offers, Depor is always the first option for me. I have a lot of respect for this club and this city, I will do my best. We are going to save Depor.”

“Little by little I get to know my team mates, I already knew some of them. I also speak more Spanish than before [he still needed a translator for the press conference]... I am Galician! Physically I am very well, I have been working with a personal trainer and I just need to train a little more with the team.” He added.

The Turkish playmaker also explained that his debut will be delayed for the game in Copa and not for this weekend’s match in liga, “We have talked with the coach and I think that for this match [Numancia, I won’t be ready. I will start on the 12th [Copa del Rey]. But I'm fine, I hope I can be prepared as soon as possible.”

Çolak also explained his problems at Saudi Arabian club Al-Wehda, “It was a bit difficult, I still don't know why I didn't play there. Now I am here. I haven't been able to watch many games, but I was trying to follow the team. These situations can happen to all teams, but there is still a lot and we can get out of there. If we win two or three games the atmosphere will change a lot.”

Provisional president Juan Antonio Armenteros explained during the presentation of Çolak that the club was signing the agreement with ABANCA on Thursday, and the deal is not only a loan, but also a compromise to convert part of the debt into capital, something that will allow to increase the salary cap.

“It's ok, the salary cap is not ready yet [updated]. We hope that this afternoon the contract with ABANCA will be signed if everything goes well.... Anyway we had a small margin, and there are also departures and you have to understand that these are complicate dates, Christmas and the League... On Tuesday we were until the last minute with them. We are in permanent contact, but we must also understand the dates, vacations., but this afternoon we hope that everything will be closed. Hopefully everything goes well.” He explained.



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