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08 Jan 2020
Good game by Depor Ladies in an equal game against Valencia CF. The gals claimed the lead, but failed to keep the advantage. They are ending the first round among the best teams in the league tough.

Coach Manu Sánchez had the casualties of Miriam Rios and Miralles for injury reasons. Misa returned to the goal and the rest was the usual 4-3-3 scheme used this season, including the presence of Athenea del Castillo in attack.

After the game with Real Sociedad was postponed due the weather conditions and for the Christmas break, the ladies were returning to play after 22 days. And the true is that they seemed fresh enough to deserve the victory, though they lacked the last impulse at the end in a game in which Manu Sánchez didn’t make substitutions.

Depor Ladies had a good start earning a lateral free-kick and a corner-kick within the first two minutes. The locals replied with a couple of quick plays without consequences. The first chance to score was a shot of Alejandra Serrano that missed the target (9’).

The Galicians were finding the ball at midfield, with Iris and Tere Abelleira, but later they were unable to break the defensive wall of Valencia. Paula Guerrero had the next opportunity for the locals, and again the ball went wide (16’).

Depor’s first approximation was a combinative play that ended with Gaby firing a shot from inside the area, and the ball went close to the post (17’). In the following minutes both teams were trying to have the ball, but lacked deep and definition. At Depor, the quick transitions weren’t traduced into scoring opportunities and, at the same time, the defence was having problems to contain the local attacks.

The next arrival for the visiting side was a cross of Nuria that Peke connected and local goalie Maria Pi blocked the ball (27’). Valencia replied with a counterattack in which the shot of Carol was saved by Misa.

At this point the game was a battle at midfield between Paola Guerrero and Iris. The best chance to score in the game half came at minute 36 and it was for Depor, Gaby collected a long pass from the defence and he was unable to define in the one-on-one against María Pi.

The second half started with the goal for Deportivo. It was a counterattack after a corner-kick for the locals, Athenea and Nuria combined to see the latter release a cross that Peke capitalized inside the area.

The goal affected Valencia and Depor Ladies looked closer to score the second goal. At minute 56, Peke had a new chance to score and this time Maria Pi made the save. The first approximation of the locals in this half came at minute 62, it was a shot of Carreras that was easy for Misa.

Valencia made offensive changes, among them the entry of Galician attacker Mari Paz Vilas, and it worked as it helped to score the equalizer. Vilas started the play and Carol made the assist to see Alejandro Serrano sending the ball into the near post of Misa.

The locals pressed within the final minutes, though the side that could have won the game was Depor Ladies with a play of Athenea (80’) and a shot of Gaby that missed the target when she was before an empty net (87’).

Valencia: (4-4-2) María Pi – Calligaris, Sandra, Bonsegundo (Coleman 88’), Carol – Guerrero, Beltrán (Monica Flores 73’), Gio Carreras (Mari Paz Vilas 65’), Beristain – Cubedo, Alejandra.
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Misa - Cris, María Méndez, Villegas, Nuria Rábano – Iris, Tere Abelleira, Alba Merino – Gaby, Peke, Athenea
Goals: 0-1: (49’) Peke, 1-1: (76’) Serrano
Referee: María Dolores Martínez Madrona. She showed yellow card to Carol (45’), Tere Abelleira (83’)
Venue: Antonio Puchades stadium



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