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12 Jan 2020
Depor’s coach admitted that the lineup is Copa is prepared only thinking of the home game with Racing Santander in liga. He also confirmed that the transfer of Çolak hasn’t arrived.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Saturday. He admitted that the thing that matter is the next game in liga, but he wants to pass the round in Copa too. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

The Copa: “We don’t have problems with injuries, only David Simón, so we have enough people and in the beginning the Cup is for this. What happens is that the team has won three straight games and is important to continue winning, and I can continue watching players. It isn’t bad to play the Copa. Can harm us? Well, there’s a game on Thursday and I can stay with another team training on here, but it isn’t bad. If we can go through, we will do it”

Unionistas: “I know too little about them. I try to prepare the team no matter how the rival plays. I watched a game from them and their situation seems similar to us, because they have intensity and seems to not correspond to their current position. Maybe their game will be aerial and can be hard for us.”

Emre Çolak “I spent the whole week expecting for him to play, but his transfer hasn’t arrived. He wanted to play and need to gain form and pace. I hope he could be ready for next game, it has been delayed and I guess the transfer will arrive this week.”

Moves in the market: “They are working, but nothing is sure. [Richard] Barral knows about it. I am no in the head of Barral, but it’s evident and the players must understand it: Deportivo is in a critical condition and everything that will be done must be welcomed. We are in an emergency and the team is above everyone.”

Montero: “I like to have a left-footed centre-back. In the beginning, I hope that Montero could stay.”

Koné: “He is fine and training, but is suspended for Copa.”

Is the game with Racing affecting the planning of this match? “I am not looking with one eye the game at Santander… Everything I do is because I’m thinking of that match! Even the lineup of tomorrow is made thinking of that.”

Support form the fans: “the Deportivismo must demonstrate that these are great fans and that can only be demonstrated attending to the Riazor.”

Kanouté: “I watched a game of Fabril at Santiago and he has some things, at the level of intensity and defence. I am resting Álex Bergantiños and I trust him. He will be a starter. Let’s see what he shows.”

The system for the game: “I already said that to play with three centre-backs is a benefit as it makes easier the game. But I am not in love with that system. Maybe there will be some differences, but you will see it tomorrow.”

Jabi Luaces addressed the media on Friday. He knows the game is difficult, but it’s aware that they have a chance to pass the round as Depor are distracted by their situation in liga. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

Hopes in Copa: “This game is a reward for the work done and an important game that we want to win, but that neither will be the end of the world if we lose. We must face it like that. With hope and joy.  We host an historical rival and will try to win it, off course.”

Is this a different game?: “During the trainings it has been a normal week, with joy and the same will of always. A lot is said about having a full stadium, that the players have been requested with tickets, of how Depor is arriving… but not too much. Off course, it is a different game.”

Facing Deportivo: “You will win the game having hope, intelligence on the field, and knowing it is a team built with the idea of returning to Primera División. We know there are moments when we will be dominated and that they will arrive with danger, but the important thing in order to win is to play with braveness. Because there will be moments in which we ae going to have our opportunities. We must believe and go out for them”

The situation of Depor: “Depor are in a delicate situation, been in relegation to Segunda B and that could be their extinction. You will need to be in the inside in order to realize about everything. If I were them, then I will know that the important games are the following two. The future of Depor is passing throw staying at Segunda División and ours through living at Segunda B. But if we lose this game it won’t be the end of the world, though we are going out in order to win.”




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