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13 Jan 2020
Depor eliminated from Copa del Rey in a bad game that was defined in the penalties. The Galicians didn’t deserve the pass and only a late goal by Borja Valle kept the suspense until the end.

Coach Fernando Vázquez switched the system and played with a 4-4-2 system, this time Peru Nolaskoain was performing as a centre-back, while Mujaid Sadick was covering the right side in defence.

Koke Vegas was the keeper, Vassilios Lampropoulos was the other centre-back, Luis Ruiz covered the left side in defence. Midfield was territory for Famoussa Kanouté and b>Gaku Shibasaki. Saša Jovanović attacked from the right wing, Borja Galán did it from the left, then Samuele Longo and Borja Valle were the centre forward.

At Unionistas de Salamanca, coach Jabi Luaces left striker Francisco Grande out of the game, instead Carlos De La Nava and Álvaro Romero were the offensive references. There was a frozen pitch at Pistas del Helmántico as the temperature in Salamanca was around the -4 Celsius degrees during the game.

Not a good first half for Deportivo. The Galicians didn’t have the ball and the defence had to spend the time containing the attacks from Unionistas. The defenders had a solid game and when they were surpassed, Koke Vegas made a couple of good saves. Later the offensive game was disastrous, without aim and unable to complete shots on target.

Depor started trying to push in attack, but Unionistas was the side having the first chance to score. Javi Navas found the ball at the edge of the area and his shot was blocked by Koke Vegas (6’). Deportivo replied with a counterattack in which the best Longo could do was to earn a corner-kick.

The locals started to push hard and earned a couple of free-kicks and then a corner-kick in which Koke Vegas saved Deportivo against the header of De La Nava (14’). The Galicians were bearing the pressure, the locals were having the initiative and the visiting defence was doing their job.

What was failing was the attacking line, Jovanović was missing crosses and Borja Valle was erratic. Therefore, Longo was pointless as he was looking too alone.  Gaku and Kanouté were having problems at midfield and the locals were having the ball.

The most exciting minute in the first half started at the 41’. During a corner-kick for the locals, José Ángel found the ball inside the area and his downward header was saved by Koke Vegas. In the counterattack, Borja Valle was unable to resolve the one-on-one action against local goalie Brais Pereiro, then Longo found the loose ball, but his header went out.

The second part was also bad for Deportivo, the locals claimed the lead, and just when the elimination was close to arrive for the Galicians, Borja Valle found a cross to tie the score and sent the meeting into extra time.

The final part started with the first shot on target in the game for Deportivo. It was a counterattack in which the shot of Borja Valle was cleared by Brais (47’).  The game was equal in this frame, but more because the locals were losing the ball at the moment of steeping into the visiting area.

The first substitution at Depor was the entry of Vicente Gómez for Kanouté.  The Fabril’s midfielder had an acceptable debut, cutting some dangerous attacks at times, but surpassed by the circumstances as the locals were constantly having the ball.

And then Unionsitas found the goal. It was a counterattack in which Javi Navas released a cross that Guille Andrés connected at the far post. Guille had only seconds on the pitch after replacing Garrido.

Fernando Vázquez tried to push the team and Beto da Silva replaced Jovanović, but the true is that Unionistas continued creating danger. At minute 67, Góngora attempted a long distance shot in a free-kick and Koke Vegas had to make the save.

The final substitution at Depor was the entry of Ager Aketxe for Longo. The Galicians continued having big problems to create a scoring chance, the next one came until minute 77 with Beto da Silva heading the ball out after a cross from Borja Valle.

It seemed that Depor were doomed, but then the visiting side found the equalizer. Vicente released a cross from the left after a bad move by keeper Brais and Borja Valle managed to head the ball in. The game went to extra time, though Unionistas wasted two good chances to claim the victory, the best one was an error of Peru that Guille Andrés didn’t end properly (86’).

The fourth change at Depor (it’s possible to make a fourth substitution in the extra time according to the Copa rules) was the entry of Mollejo for Borja Valle. Unionistas had the first chance in the extra time with Koke Vegas making a double save against the attempt of substitute Matthieu Kevin (93’).

Unionistas recovered the control of the game and had a couple of approximations, the main one was a shot of Góngora that was saved by Koke Vegas (109’). Later Góngora missed a good chance in a direct free-kick (112’). The best chance for Depor in the extra time was a header of Beto da Silva in a corner-kick with the ball going out (114’).

In the penalty shootout, Deportivo saw how Gaku Shibasaki failed one penalty and Koke Vegas made a save, then Lampropoulos sent the ball out in the sudden death to give the pass to Unionistas.

Deportivo eliminated from Copa del Rey in a game in which the Galicians didn’t deserve anything more. Only a goal at the end by Borja Valle extended the game until the penalties, instance where they were eliminated after the failure of Lampropoulos.

Depor will not remain focused in surviving at Segunda División. The next game is on Thursday with Racing Santander visiting the Riazor (21h00 CET).

Unionistas: (4-2-3-1) Brais - Góngora, José Ángel, Zubiri, Garrido (Guille Andrés 61’) - Piojo, Portilla (Gallego 46’) –Javi Navas (Matthieu Kevin 83’), De La Nava, Pedro López – Álvaro Romero. 
Deportivo: (4-4-2) Koke Vegas – Mujaid, Peru Nolaskoain, Lampropoulos, Luis Ruiz – Jovanović (Beto da Silva 64’), Kanouté (Vicente 55’), Gaku, Borja Galán - Borja Valle (Mollejo 95’), Longo (Aketxe 74’).
Goals: 1-0: (62’) Guille Andrés, 1-1: (81’) Borja Valle
Penalties: 0-1: Beto da Silva, 1-1: Góngora, 1-1: Gaku failed as the ball was blocked by the keeper, 2-1: De La Nava, 2-2: Peru, 3-2: Romero, 3-3: Mollejo, 3-3: Guille Andrés failed as the ball was blocked by the keeper, 4-3: Aketxe, 4-4: Gallego, 4-5: Borja Galán, 5-5: Matthieu, 5-6: Luis Ruiz, 6-6: Zubiri, 6-7: Mujaid, 7-7: Pedro López, 7-7: Lampropoulos sent the ball out, 8-7: José Ángel.
Referee: Daniel Ocón Arráiz. He showed yellow card to Peru Nolaskoain (67’), Matthieu (114’) & Vicente (120’)
Venue: Pistas El Helmántico



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