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14 Jan 2020
The coach admitted that the priority was always in the league competition, but also knows that the elimination means to rest opportunities to the less habitual players.

Fernando Vzquez said that he was satisfied despite the elimination, "I am generally happy with the team. I'm not unhappy at all. I know it lacks a bit of form. It seems complicated to say right now. Its positive news that I notice that the players are missing little things. Because thats easily surpassed at the level of form, energy... That can be trained. Another very different thing are technical aspects, thats almost impossible to overcome."

He then remined that the war of Deportivo is in la liga, "Our priority objective is the league. In the Cup I would like to win, because the more you win, the easier is to win the following game. Thats the joy of the team, we dont lose, we dont lose. Today we can say that we didnt lose throughout the 90 minutes, but the vital thing, the important thing is Thursday's game, then Sunday's game, we wanted to play a little differently, against a theoretically inferior team, we wanted to have a little more the ball and enjoy it a little more with it.

The Galician coach was also feeling sorry as some players will lack opportunities from now own, For our part, I come to compete and I would like to have won the match. Its good because a professional team has 20 players and this is very important for those who are not playing too much, to have their own competition. I would like my goalkeeper to have his own competition. This was a bit noticed during the game, players who are not usual and had to play for 120 minutes, many of them ended up exhausted."

Finally, Vzquez was defending Samuele Longo, who still criticized for his poor performance, "The strikers are slaves of how the team plays. Longo is a bit a slave to the team. When a team, to a player like Longo, who lives in the area, doesnt put the right context for him to give up, then he suffers. He has to receive the ball backwards the goal. I would like to see Longo if my team prevails, if my side came out and could easily release a cross, and Longo could show the skill that is supposed to have, which is the aerial game. It isnt Longo's fault that the context is not good for him."

The best player of Depor in the game was Koke Vegas, the goalkeeper was feeling sorry for the elimination, The feeling is bittersweet. Im happy with my game in an individual level, for being at a good level after time without playing. But also sad for the elimination. It complicates me now at the moment of adding minutes.

But the goalkeeper promises to fight for more opportunities, Its obviously a hit, because it was being my competition. I was having opportunities to show myself and let the coach know that I am prepared. The competition with Dani is healthy, but if necessary, I am prepared to play this Thursday. I am clear that I will fight for the position. I feel prepared and trained to be at the goal. If I thought it was impossible, I'd look for a way out. I have no intention of leaving.

Meanwhile, provisional president Juan Antonio Armenteros addressed the media after the game and explained what happened with olak and his transfer, It's a bureaucratic problem, with the team he was playing in Saudi Arabia. Everything is in order, but paperwork and communication is complicated with them through the representatives. We are convinced that it will be fixed in the next few days, we hope he can be ready for Thursday against Racing de Santander "

He was more hermetic talking of other operations during the winter window, "I cannot say anything. It is enough that you say something and later it wont happen, we are working in exits as in entries, I cannot say anything else.

Finally, Armenteros talked of his small stage as president as on Tuesday Vidal will become into the new boss, In my privacy I comment that its a roller coaster. I have gone through the best and worst moments. We have done it with the greatest hope in the world, there was no other thing. The reasons have already been explained. Things are being channeled in all three areas, sporting, social and economic. A new stage is born that we hope is the one that all the fans want. A new stage, comforting for all. The fans are excited, the mood of the squad has changed. We have to fight a lot yet.

At Unionistas, coach Jabi Luaces is convinced that his team deserved the pass, My feelings are what the team transmits. In general, we have been a very competitive team. The team has competed very well, an isolated play put the draw and in the extra time we have been fine. I think the best of them has been the goalkeeper; especially that last play against Gongora. He also saved the one at the corner to Jos ngel. I think we deserved to pass for the things done in the ninety minutes.



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