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14 Jan 2020
Fabril returned to winning ways, everything was decided in a frame of five minutes. The lads end the first round fifth at the standings, but with a pending game that will allow them to reach the playoff zone.

Coach Luisito was missing Mujaid Sadick and Famoussa Kanouté, duo that was playing the Copa Del Rey with the first team. Also, striker Mario Losada and defender Iago Parga were out injured. The coach returned to play with a 4-2-3-1 system and the big novelty was the debut of Juvenile centre-back Juan Rodriguez at the centre of the defence.

Fabril returned to winning ways after three defeats and one draw, the lads had problems to define the plays, but everything was defined in five explosive minutes at the end of the first half. The lads end the first round fifth at the standings, but with a pending game that will allow them to reach the playoff zone.

Depor’s lads totally outplayed the rival and had several chances to score, but by minute 30 the game was still tied as the locals had problems to define the game. It was a great performance of Javi Sánchez with Pedro having countless opportunities.

Everything started to change by minute 37, the first goal arrived through Yevhen Pidlepenets, the Ukrainian conquered his first goal of the season in his first appearance as starter after a big play by Javi Sánchez. The visiting side protested a possible offside.

Just seconds later the second goal arrived, and it was a big error of visiting goalie Toni Comesaña, who couldn’t clear the ball properly and Diego Villares scored with a volley that apparently was cleared at the goal line, but the goal counted.

And the third goal arrived before the break. And Javi Sánchez was against the protagonist. He built up the play to see Martí Vilà releasing a cross that Portuguese Pedro Correia converted into the third goal.

The second half continued to witness the dominion of Fabril. The lads had four clear chances to increase the lead, and only the defence and goalkeeper Toni Comesaña avoided a bigger defeat. Three of those four clear chances were starred by Pedro.

The Portuguese attacker hit the post at minute 54, then he made a solo-play that beat the keeper, but that was saved by a defender at the goal line (65’). And the last one was a header that passed close to the far post of Toni (82’).

The other big chance for Fabril was a shot of substitute Victor Eimil that was saved by Toni (73’). Jawed Boumeddane and Aarón Sánchez were the other players that entered in the second half, the latter was the one that was going to score the fourth goal, and it was converting a penalty after a hand in a corner-kick action.

Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Álex Cobo – Valín, Juan Rodríguez, Bourdal, Martí Vilà – Javi Sánchez (Aarón Sánchez 60’), Iago Gandoy - Yevhen Pidlepenets (Eimil 71’), David Sánchez (Jawed Boumeddane 78’), Villares – Pedro.
Pontellas: (4-2-3-1) Toni Comesaña – Pablo, Edu, Elias, Alberto Rey – Telmo (Javier Alonso 60’), Michael – Berto (Luis Pozo 70’), Serxio Gil (Diego Blanco 60’), Hugo Pintos – Charles.
Goals: 1-0: (37’) Yevhen Pidlepenets, 2-0: (38’) Villares, 3-0: (41’) Pedro, 4-0: (89’) Aarón Sánchez (penalty)
Referee: Jesús López Fernández. He showed yellow card to Serxio Gil (38’), Bourdal (43’), Juan Rodríguez (57’), David Sánchez (66’), Berto (70’), Javier Alonso (70’) & Diego Blanco (78’).
Venue: Abegondo.





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