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23 Jan 2020
Claudio Beauvue was presented on Wednesday. He explained his exit for RC Celta and the importance of saving Depor from relegation.

Claudio Beauvue was presented on Wednesday. He explained how the transition from Celta was, "My teammates know me. They know that when I am in a changing room, I am fully with them. Seeing my situation, they saw that I had the faith of being able to play although I already knew that I didn't. I have never left my teammates alone, I was supporting every weekend. And they knew that my exit it was an opportunity to enjoy. At first, they joked, they called me a traitor [he laughed], how I was going to play for the rival... Iago Aspas was the one who put me in the hallway to say good-bye. Iago will support his friend. Deportivo ... you will have to ask him [he laughed]."

"People know it. They asked me why the coach wouldn't let me play and always answered the same thing. It had nothing to do with the coach, it was from above. It was the most difficult stage of my career. Being training hard with your teammates and not being able to play, but not by the decision of the person who sees you every day... it hurts." He added.

Under these circumstances, the attacker said it wasn’t difficult to accept the call from Deportivo, "Seeing my situation at Celta, which was finished, the only team that was interested with that confidence was Depor. It was the one that wanted me already. When I found about it, I told my agent that I didn't want to know anything about other teams. This is a historic club and it was here next door. "

Beauvue also said that it will be very important to clinch the salvation, "It’s a step forward. We have seen that the club is taking it too and it’s good for everyone. Coming to Depor and saving it from relegation would be very important. Leaving such a big club where they want to stay... that will make people remember you. These players were the ones who made the team stay in this league. For me this is an important stage in my career."



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