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09 Feb 2020
Depor’s coach believes that AD Alcorcón are living a good moment despite their results, it was the same thought than his rival, who warned about Depor’s current shape.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Saturday. He was listing the players with injury problems and didn’t give clues about when he could be switching the system with five defenders. The following is a translation of the main things he said.

Beauvue: “Yes, he was going to start. So, it was a double problem. Both [Beauvue & Merino] have an injury that doesn’t allow them to play, but it’s a symptom as we were dealing with the risk of losing them for five weeks. So, we left them out of the roster and I hope we can recover them for next week. We return to the starting point.”

Is Koné going to start? “I consider that Koné is a striker. Koné, Mollejo, Hugo [Vallejo] and Borja Valle. Those are the strikers inside the roster. In case of needing a striker, one of them will pass to the position.”
Hard fight at the bottom of the standings: “We were very delayed, and now we are on the fight. Racing Santander already won, but we travel to Alcorcón and I tell the boys that it doesn’t matter what we did before.”

Santo Domingo: “I consider there are fields that are more complicated than others. Sometimes we cannot explain the reason, but I am not worried for the field.”

Alcorcón: “I like how they play. I’ve the feeling that their coach is very smart. It doesn’t matter the rival at Segunda and this is a very dangerous team. Yes, they haven’t won, but it was because of the calendar. They could be upper in case of having a more favourable calendar.”

Christian Santos: “He is out for receiving the medical okay recently. He has been out for a month and it was too soon. I think he has the ability to move and is a striker for the aerial game, but at this moment he will stay here training.”

Uche Agbo and Salva Ruiz “They are dealing with some issues and surely will be fine on Monday, Salva and Christian should receive the okay from doctors on Monday.”

Keko and Vallejo tested as fullbacks: “[he laughed] You shouldn’t be surprised… there’s a system in the mind of the players that’s already fixed. The system is there and maybe we could need a change if there’s a negative result.”

Aleksandar Jovanović and Keko Gontán: “Jovanović is a keeper that I didn’t know, and Keko is a lad that’s looking better when he is training. What you don’t know is how long can he last.”

Dani Giménez: “H is fine. He suffered last weekend, but arrives in perfect conditions for the game.”

When the system will be changed? “I don’t know. I already changed things during the games. Imminent? [He smiled] I don’t know. Someday it will happen, but only when I could be sure about it.”

Fran Fernández addressed the media on Friday. He doesn’t believe that his team is living a bad moment and also warned about Depor’s good moment. The following is a translation of the main things he said.

Not winning, but neither losing games:  “We have to focus on our game. We have high level players who are taking a step forward. In the offensive game, we continue asking the strikers a little more success, but the rest is contributing their share of goals. We are doing a better pressing after losing the ball, and the team is closer together in all lines. We are more dangerous because everyone is contributing their best.”

Casualties for injury reasons: “They [the substitutes] make it very difficult for me. I have players who leave their skin day by day and who have stayed out of the rosters. They are all working very well.”

Laure is suspended: “Laure is our captain. He is the mirror where we look at ourselves, because he is number one in many things and is an important player. They were unfair with him.”

Deportivo: "Deportivo is a very dangerous opponent. They not only have the best players in the league and a great team and fans, but also live a moment of motivation and important confidence. It has a lot of merit the change that has occurred there. With few things, but very well done, it has changed and now it is among the most complicated teams in the competition. It’s a team that will play very close together, pressing up with many people and knowing how to go out in the counterattack, so we have to be very alert.”

How to face the game: “We have to be very alert in transitions. It’s a match that will require us to the fullest. If we follow the game plan, then I think we are prepared.  We are more balanced now, but that isn’t translated into points. It is what it is and we can only defeat Deportivo. This is a good moment and now we play at home. We can win if we take the game to where we want.” 




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