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10 Feb 2020
Deportivo didn’t deserve too much after a poor game, but extended the winning streak to seven games after Koné scored in the added time.

Coach Fernando Vázquez opted in giving continuity to the previous lineup, in this sense he only made one change compared to the team that defeated UD Las Palmas at the Riazor, and that modification was the entry of Mamadou Koné as Sabin Merino was injured.

It was a 5-4-1 scheme with Dani Giménez at the goal, Eneko Bóveda performed on the right side of the defence, Víctor Mollejo acted as a fullback on the left, Michelle Somma, Mujaid Sadick and Javi Montero covered the central positions. Peru Nolaskoain and Gaku Shibasaki performed at midfield, Ager Aketxe was attached to the right wing, Emre Çolak attacked from the left and Koné was the centre forward.

At AD Alcorcón, coach Fran Fernández presented the expected lineup with the novelty that Dani Romera was the centre forward instead of Rui Costa. Juan Diego Molina ‘Stoichkov’ and Alex Mula were the other references in attack.

Complicated first half for Deportivo. The rival put a lot of pressure in some stages and the defence had to work hard, though later the Galicians started to have some offensive plays. The half ended without shots on target for the visiting team.

Depor started the game with several problems, asphyxiated in the output of the ball and suffering the game of Álex Mula on the left flank. The first chance in the game was a crossed shot of Stoichkov that missed the target (6’).

Álex Mula and Stoichkov continued giving problems to the Galician defence, while Çolak and Peru Nolaskoain were missing passes each time they were stepping into offensive positions, therefore it wasn’t strange to realize that the game was played on the field of Deportivo.

The first big chance in the game was a shot of Stoichkov from inside the area and Dani Giménez had to clear the volley to corner-kick (13’). The first approximation by Deportivo was a long ball possession that ended with Çolak missing the target from long-range (17’).

After this action, Deportivo started to grow in the game, and then it came the first big chance for Los Blanquiazules, it was an action in a lateral free-kick that ended with a cross of Çolak that Bóveda was unable to connect at the far post (19’)

The game became more equal and both sides were attacking, though without ending the plays properly. The best play at the middle of the first half was a shot of Álex Mula that was blocked by Dani Giménez (23’).

Then AD Alcorcón regained control of the actions and Depor started to suffer again. At minute 35, Dani Giménez had to make a save against the shot of Stoichkov. At least the Galicians were having some arrivals and more long ball possessions, Bóveda was pretty active on the right. Despite the improvement, Deportivo ended the first part without completing shots on target.

The game of Deportivo became worse in the final part. The Galicians lost the ball possession, but didn’t suffer before a rival that had problems to create scoring opportunities. It seemed the winning streak was over but Koné showed up at the last second.

The game didn’t have a clear side dominating the actions at the start of the second part. AD Alcorcón were trying, but Depor were having long ball possessions. The first approximation for the Galicians was a free-kick of Aketxe that was an easy catch for local goalie Dani Jiménez (51’).

Later the locals started to put pressure and Depor were having problems again. The Galicians were locked at their side of the pitch and AD Alcorcón were having longer ball possessions, though they missed depth as they were unable to break the visiting wall.

Fernando Vázquez moved the bench and Keko Gontán and Hugo Vallejo replaced Emre Çolak and Aketxe. Both added speed to the visiting team, but it wasn’t enough to create scoring opportunities.

Depor’s game was decomposed within the final fifteen minutes, but AD Alcorcón didn’t seize this situation and the only created chances in set-pieces. Mula was close to score in a direct free-kick that was saved by Dani Giménez (76’), one minute later the action was repeated and this time the attacker hit the wall.

Fernando Vázquez was worried as Mollejo was having problems on the left and he was replaced by Luis Ruiz. Adrián Diéguez had the next opportunity with a shot blocked by Depor’s goalie (88’). The last chance for AD Alcorcón was a lateral free-kick that Luis Perea headed out (90+1’).

It seemed that the winning streak was over, but the Galicians were going to score with a last-second goal. It was a free-kick at midfield in which Gaku assisted Keko Gontán on the right, the winger was alone and released a cross that found Koné at the box, and the Ivorian attacker managed to throw himself into the ground heading the ball in.

Not a deserved outcome, but Deportivo extended the winning streak to seven games. AD Alcorcón had the ball and more opportunities, but they lacked ideas and strength to break Depor’s deadlock. The goal came in the added time through a header of Koné.

Deportivo continue to extend the difference with relegation and the same time the distance is shorter with the promotion places. The next game is the visit of Girona FC to the Riazor (Friday, 21h00 CET).

Alcorcón: (4-2-3-1) Dani Jiménez – Paris Adot, Dieguez, David Fernández, Pomares - Boateng, Luis Perea - Alex Mula, Stoichkov (Serhii Myakushko 84’), Óscar Arribas (Samu Sosa 68’) – Romera (Rui Costa 56’).
Deportivo: (5-4-1) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Somma, Mujaid, Montero, Mollejo (Luis Ruiz 81’) – Aketxe (Hugo Vallejo 67’), Nolaskoain, Gaku Shibasaki, Çolak (Keko Gontán 67’) – Koné.
Goal: 0-1: (90+2’) Koné
Referee: Iñaki Vicandi Garrido. He showed yellow card to Boateng (19’), Montero (29’), Koné (29’), Mollejo (69’) & Keko Gontán (74’)
VAR Official: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo. No revisions were needed.
Venue: Santo Domingo (3,646)
Other statistics: Ball possession (62% - 38%); Attempts to score (6 – 2); Total shots (19 - 5); Shots on target (5 - 2); Saves by the keepers (1 – 5); Corner-kicks (7 - 1); Offsides (0 - 2); Fouls committed (14 – 10); Passing accuracy (73% - 63%)



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