11 Feb 2020
Deportivo weren’t lucky, because the game just followed the plan of the coach. The effectiveness of the strikers continues, also the growth of the centre-backs and Bóveda.

1- Lucky or deserved? The outcome and the fact that the goal arrived at the last second invite to think that Depor were really lucky to win the game. Coach Fernando Vázquez defended the performance of his team and said that you cannot talk of luck after winning six straight games. But the best answer is that you cannot talk of luck when the game followed the script that the coach planned. Depor went out in order to hold on and define the game in the counterattack, since the goal wasn’t arriving the coach made things simpler and sought for velocity through Vallejo and Keko Gantán. Yes, the result wasn’t fair as AD Alcorcón had more opportunities and completed more shots, but neither was pure luck, because this was what the coach planned. It’s just that the goal arrived later of what he was expecting.

2- Koné and the centre forwards: Fernando Vázquez was feeling sorry after the game as his team was lacking things in offense, but he cannot complaint of the effectiveness of his strikers. Sabin Merino arrived and practically transformed into goals everything he touched. Now that he and Beauvue were injured, Koné had to perform as a centre forward. The Ivorian had only played once in 2020 as he has been dealing with physical problems, and he had to bear the full 90 minutes and still was able to score in the only chance that he had in the game. The team might be lacking a lot of things in the offensive game, but the effectiveness of the strikers isn’t one of the problems.

3- The role of Eneko Bóveda: Since Fernando Vázquez mutated into a line with five defenders, Eneko Bóveda has been performing as a fullback, and probably it’s one of the most pleasant surprises as his evolution has been incredible. He scored the winning goal against UD Las Palmas and in this meeting, he was among the best players in attack and also made a decent job in defence. He was the player with more crosses at Depor (6), made a key pass and was close to score in the best opportunity in the first half.

4- The weakest link: Mollejo: Contrary to what happens with Bóveda, Víctor Mollejo has lasted in finding his role as a fullback. It might sound unfair to call Mollejo the weakest link, after all he is pure sacrifice and is acting out of his normal positions, but the true is that Depor suffered each time that Mula or Romera attacked by his side. The rivals already know where to attack, and that might move Fernando Vázquez to accelerate the return of Salva Ruiz.

5- The secureness of the centre-backs: The most radical change at Deportivo has been the growing confidence of the centre-backs. Until the end of 2019, Mujaid and Montero were pure nerves, and were committing big errors in each game, now they avoid complications and always look serious. It’s one of the reasons why Depor are strong in defence, and it isn’t an accident, after all this is the fifth clean sheet within the seven straight wins by Depor.

6- Six straight wins for Fernando Vázquez: Coach Fernández arrived with the new year and since then the team clinched six straight victories. He has now tied the mark of the best start at Depor’s bench achieved by Carlos Alberto Silva, who also clinched six straight victories within matchdays 25 and 30 of the Primera campaign 1996/97. Now Vazquez will try to reach the mark of José Luis Oltra, who clinched nine straight league victories during the Segunda campaign 2011/12.



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