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14 Feb 2020
Depor’s coach is still saying that the team should only focus in the permanence and that later the goal can be changed. Girona’s coach believes any error could be decisive in this match.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. He talked of the physical state of some players and kept the speech that the team is only focused in the permanence. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

Are Sabin Merino and Salva Ruiz ready to play? “They wouldn’t be on the roster if they aren’t ready to play. At least they are ready for sixty minutes.”

The self-esteem of the group: “The changing room is lively, confident, feeling safe, with the highest self-esteem. They are no longer considered bad players.”

Can the team aspire to promotion? “From my point of view the numbers don’t change. I don't know what people will think, but it wouldn't help us to think about anything else than winning six more games. That would be the moment. We are what we are: six more games, 51 points. If we get it fast, then we aren’t going on vacation. That's when we can all say, come on let's try. But if we lose this weekend and those from behind win, then we will be down again."

Can the presence of Stuani change the position of Peru Nolaskoain? “It’s something we will have to think.”

Will you change the position of Mollejo? “I won’t say anything regarding the lineup.”

Girona: “A team that last year was at Primera. A great team, although it has been hard for them. Perhaps it’s one of the best rivals at the level of pressure after losing the ball. And then they have players of a great quality... Borja, Stuani, who I was hoping that Barça would sign him before facing us... "

Uche Agbo: "Maybe I was too optimistic about his shape. He must continue working in order to reach a better level. But for me Uche is a starter at this team."
The winning streak: “I told the players the games that we had to win, but also the ones we could lose. You know you are going to lose. There is no team that wins all their matches. Everyone loses, it is inevitable, part of the way. You have to accept it normally. I don't care about the reaction, because I trust people. We aren’t going to win the entire second round, so we hope to lose the minimum possible, but I don't think everyone is like a Kamikaze saying that everything has to be won. One, two, three defeats will not prevent you from achieving the objectives."

Defensive scheme: “We are realistic and we have our feet on the ground. We don’t boast anything. I always ask the team for humility to be on the pitch. Sometimes it gives the feeling that we are waiting. You need to have patience, tranquility, humility to know how to position yourself and wait for the recovery and the option of counterattacking. It’s something that all players have to assume and they are doing it in an extraordinary way. Sometimes it’s an aspect that you don't want to value, but it has a lot of value. "

Martí: I met with him the season I was at Mallorca. He seemed brilliant as a footballer. Super concentrated, tense, disciplined. A footballer that all coaches love. But I also say that I never thought he was going to have the success he had. It exceeded my expectations by far. And that’s a great lesson for many. He wasn’t a footballer with impressive technical qualities, but he was a great tactical footballer and internally motivated. It was always the same. Intense, hard-working... I already knew he was going to be a coach one day."

José Luis Martí addressed the media on Thursday’s afternoon. He believes the winner will be the side seizing any distraction and also talked of his failed stage at Depor. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

What to expect from the game: “The match will be for the side that controls emotions in the best possible way. Both teams are in a good moment, but an excess of confidence on any part can be negative. They key could be to be successful and to be patient and calm to read the different moments that we will have throughout the ninety minutes. ”

Deportivo: “It’s a team that, despite playing with the same players in defense when they received goals, has improved a lot. Now they don’t leave you spaces to play, Fernando has placed a defense with three centre-backs and many people in the middle to retreat well. Sometimes when you do this you get a lot of arrivals, but they aren’t conceding too much and are effective in their options.”

Four of the six teams at the top are playing against each other: “It's an ideal day to cut points. What we want is that, on Friday, we finish our game with the three points, but for that we have to play the best game possible at the Riazor.”

Failed stage at Depor: “Over there they treated me spectacularly, I made many friends and I have to be grateful. It was a shame and a personal failure because we didn't get what we wanted.” 




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