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15 Feb 2020
Deportivo dropped two points in a game that was never under control until Álex scored a great goal. The referee went out whistled after several polemic calls, including not showing a second yellow to Stuani.

Coach Fernando Vázquez sent the expected lineup, which was the same one that defeated AD Alcorcón on the previous weekend, and the only difference was the return of Sabin Merino to the attacking line.

Dani Giménez was the starting keeper, Eneko Bóveda covered the right side of the defence, the left flank was for Víctor Vallejo. The trio of centre-backs were Michelle Somma, Mujaid Sadick and Javi Montero. Midfield was territory for Peru Nolaskoain and Gaku Shibasaki. Ager Aketxe was attached to the right wing, Emre Çolak played on the left wing, then Sabin Merino was the starting striker.

At Girona CF, José Luis Martí presented the expected formation, with Aday Benítez, Borja García, Brandon Thomas and Cristhian Stuani in attack. The latter is the top-scorer in the league with 20 goals in 23 appearances before this meeting.

Intense first part, Depor started better and scored a goal despite the injury of Somma, then the referee brought the attention with his decisions and the locals lost control of the actions. Girona CF claimed the ball possession, but it was unable to complete a shot on target.

The game started with a Deportivo that was trying to bring speed to the game, Girona FC were imprecise and the actions were taking part on the visiting field. Then Somma got injured and he was stretched off, he was replaced by Álex Bergantiños. The club reported that he suffered a knee problem that will need scans.

Peru Nolaskoain replaced him at the centre of the defence, and Álex joined Gaku at midfield. At this point the game was already equal and especially paused, this for the fouls and the slow attacks by both teams.

And then Depor found the goal. A combination between Sabin Merino and Bóveda ended with the latter releasing a high cross that Víctor Mollejo headed at the far post to end crossing visiting goalie Asier Riesgo.

The game became open after the goal, Girona FC tried to attack and Stuani had a good chance wasted in a weird rebound (22’), in the next play Emre Çolak missed the target firing from the edge of the area.

At minute 26, a free-kick by Borja García hit the wall and luckily the ball just passed close to the crossbar. Mollejo was pretty active at Depor and that was good and bad, because he was involved in a couple of fouls that provoked dangerous free-kick for the visiting team, but he was also showing up in attack.

The attention within the final fifteen minutes was focused in the referee, because he showed yellow cards to Aketxe and Mollejo, while he forgave Aday and Stuani. The crow was whistling him. Depor started to lose the nerves and Girona FC took advantage to claim the ball and surrounded the local area, but they were unable to create anything; actually they ended the first part without completing a shot on target.

Like it happened in the first part, the game was attractive at the start, and later the referee focused the attention. Deportivo had the game ready to be sentenced, but then two distractions costs two points and the winning streak.

The second half started with the entry of Salva Ruiz for Mollejo, Vázquez replaced the young winger as he was constantly attacked at the end of the first part, besides he was already booked. But Depor started to suffer since the kick-off, because the Galicians were missing too many passes in the output of the ball and the team was choked.

By minute 55, the Catalans had already completed two shots on target and the local midfielders were overflowed. But then Álex Bergantiños showed up to light up the way with a marvelous goal. Aketxe started the play assisting Bóveda and he ended up with a cross that was deflected and the captain unleased a strong shot into the net.

Suddenly Depor found the way and the Galicians started to look more dangerous, mainly in the counterattack. At minute 66, there was a disallowed goal due to an offside from Bóveda. Then, at minute 72 Emre Çolak collected a loose ball inside the are and his shot was saved by Asier Riesgo.

And the game went from a possible 3-0 to the 2-2. The first goal for the visiting side came in a lateral free-kick of Granell, after two blocked shots, Stuani was lucky to score from close range and then the show of referee Jorge Figueroa Vázquez started.

Throughout the game he was constantly whistling against Depor, while he forgave yellow cards to Adai and Stuani. The worst thing is that Stuani was already booked when he hit a Depor’s defender with the elbow. The referee swallowed the action and the Uruguayan was going to score the equalizer five minutes later.

The goal came from the penalty spot, and it was a penalty indicated from the VAR after Javi Montero fouled Brandon Thomas over the line of the area. The Riazor was furious and Vicente Gómez, who was the last substitution entering for Aketxe, was sent off with a direct red card after the final whistle.

Girona FC were a difficult opponent, Depor never felt comfortable facing it and the stats demonstrates it. So, the draw cannot be considered as a bad result, but the true is that it leaves a bittersweet taste as the Galicians were already 2-0 when Stuani started to score. The worst part is that Somma suffered a serious injury, while Montero and Vicente are suspended for the next game.

The result cut the winning streak of Deportivo and at least the Galicians will stay out of relegation. The next game is the visit to Real Zaragoza (Sunday, 16h00 CET).

Deportivo: (5-4-1) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Somma (Álex Bergantiños 9’), Mujaid, Montero, Mollejo (Salva Ruiz 46’) – Aketxe (Vicente Gómez 86’), Nolaskoain, Gaku Shibasaki, Çolak – Sabin Merino.
Girona: (4-2-3-1) Asier Riesgo – Maffeo, Juanpe, Alcalá, Johan Mojica –Granell (Jozabed 77’), Christian Rivera (Samu Saiz 56’) – Aday, Borja García, Brandon Thomas (Jairo 88’) – Stuani.
Goals: 1-0: (17’) Mollejo, 2-0: (60’) Álex, 2-1: (77’) Stuani, 2-2: (85’) Stuani (penalty)
Referee: Jorge Figueroa Vázquez. He showed yellow card to Aketxe (34’), Mollejo (36’), Stuani (68’), Maffeo (76’), Montero (76’) & Çolak (86’). Vicente Gómez was sent off after the final whistle.
VAR Official: Óliver de La Fuente Ramos. He indicated a penalty for Girona (83’).
Venue Riazor (24,534)
Other statistics: Ball possession (41% - 59%); Attempts to score (4 – 5); Total shots (6 - 20); Shots on target (3 - 6); Saves by the keepers (4 – 1); Corner-kicks (1 - 8); Offsides (1 - 0); Fouls committed (10 – 14); Passing accuracy (65% - 73%)



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