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01 Mar 2020
Depor’s coach was saying that CD Lugo is the team has changed the most after the winter window. Lugo’s coach was praising the reaction of Deportivo with Fernando Vázquez.

Fernando Vázquez addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He warned about the potential of CD Lugo and also confirmed that Depor are interested in signing a replacement for Somma. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

Changes after the first defeat? “I don’t think we have to change anything, it was foreseeable. We were going to lose. It is part of the competitive way. Despite losing, you must be able to fulfill the goals. But the feeling is that we lost the glamour of been undefeated. But at the same time, the extra tension is over. It was a normal week and we are prepared to face the game.”

Is time to change the system? “The defeat didn’t come for been bad placed, in the collective sense it came through set-pieces. Maybe the team was improving after earning the ball in offense, but you must be prepared and we are prepared to switch. Because it isn’t the same if you are trailing in a game.”

CD Lugo: “I consider that CD Lugo are growing. It can be the team with the biggest transformation in this window. A lot of people that wasn’t playing is now playing. They are coming from two straight victories. It is a dangerous rival. If you ask me, I would have preferred to face a team from outside Galicia.”

Waiting for a defensive Lugo? “It isn’t easy. With other teams I could tell you what they are going to do, but with Lugo I don’t know. Maybe a withdrawal or certain tactical richness. For what I am watching, it is complicated to realize what Lugo will be seen.”

Vicente Gómez or Uche Agbo? “Uche is better now. He is on the roster because he is better. If you want to count with a player like Gaku, maybe Vicente doesn’t have the same dynamic and isn’t as positional as him. But he would have to adapt. We’ll see.”

Replacement for Somma: “For now I don’t have any information. We are searching and we want to sign… We talked with Richard [Barral] and it depends, we could get a centre-back or midfielder. It could be a centre-back. Let’s see what happens.”

Is this a Galician derby? “In a level of fans, they know who the rival is. The emotional rival is another one. It doesn’t mean that CD Lugo isn’t at the same competitive level than Depor. It’s just that the fans are aware of which one is their historical rivalry.”

Mollejo and the yellow cards: “I don’t think that he is chased by the referees. The referees react according to the behavior during the games. The coaches don’t only teach tactical aspects, but also mental. Well, I have been working in that. A great player is also one that demonstrates character and he must learn how to control it.”

Curro Torres addressed the media on Friday. He was praising the reaction of Deportivo and said that he is motivated to play in a difficult environment like the one at the Riazor. The following is a transcription of the main things he said.

The reaction from Deportivo: “It seems very difficult for me to have turned around the complicated situation they had, also because it’s a team with a bigger environment, which complicates things. I think they have done an exceptional job. That's bad for everyone who faces them, but good for them, and that reflects the kind of team they are and the squad they have."

Derby: "For me every game needs to have the importance that it deserves. I don't care about been Depor or other team. By proximity it’s a large team from the same Community and it will be attractive to people outside but, for us, it’s the same importance than last week’s game against Oviedo."

Strengths of Deportivo: “Deportivo are working very well on a defensive level, they’ve good offensive players and are good in set-pieces. They can switch the tactic and as I always say, we must do out work and since then, we will see.”

Environment at the Riazor: “I always" liked to play with a lot of people. For the players, I guess it will be another motivation. To me, the more they insult me and shout, the more motivated I feel.”

Manu Barreiro is doubtful: "Before the match with Oviedo he had some discomfort, and the situation turned to be worse. Throughout the week he was quite good and today it was the same with some minor inconvenience, he didn’t train and tomorrow we will see.”

Gerard Valentín cannot play the game: “I cannot replace Valentín, because we don’t have any player like him at the squad. Someone will play for him and will have other characteristics, but we don’t have anyone like Valentín.” 




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