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03 Mar 2020
The highest ball possession for Depor since the arrival of Fernando Vázquez, and still the bored public at the Riazor witnessed two teams that were afraid to lose. The only good news was the ninth clean sheet on the league season.

1- Afraid to lose: Typical game between two teams that don’t want to lose despite they need the victory. Fernando Vázquez stated before the game that he didn’t know what to expect from Lugo, so he was prudent and decided to keep the system of five defenders. By half-time it was clear that it was too much and that the only way to unclog the game was to remove a centre-back and bet for something else in attack, but the coach confessed that he didn’t want to lose strength in defence and didn’t do it. And when he made the changes as Depor were losing the control of the game, it was too late as his players were already tired.

Same analysis can be made with CD Lugo. Truly they were playing away home, but they are the side in relegation and needed the three points the most. And not even when things were favourable they risked. Pita entered for injured Djaló as Curro Torres preferred to secure the defensive work. The result of the apathy of both sides was a second half without major news. There were only six opportunities to score in the game, and five of them took place during the first half.

2- Poor second half: The worst second half witnessed at the Riazor on this season. Depor never found the way to chain more than five passes, and the coach didn’t want to modify the defensive structure as he was afraid to lose, then CD Lugo were too scare to try something new. In the end the only opportunity to score was the crossed shot of Cristian Herrera blocked by Dani Giménez (62’), which by the way was the only shot on target completed by the visiting side in this meeting.

3- The late changes: Fernando Vázquez confessed after the match that the changes were made late as he had problems reading the game. He never tried to modify the system with five defenders and made a wrong call replacing Vicente with an attacker (Beauvue), because it just made things worse. CD Lugo were easily regaining the ball at midfield and immediately he saw that it was a mistake, reason why the change was undone with the entry of Uche Agbo for Çolak. But it was too late and Depor never regained the ball. Agbo was only noticed due the terrible pass that cost a throw-in. In the middle of both moves, Hugo Vallejo entered for Bóveda in the attempt to repeat what Mollejo does on the left, but in the end the winger ended locked in defensive tasks due to the pressure from the rival. Wrong changes and to make things worse, too late.

4- The ball possession: For the first time since the arrival of Fernando Vázquez, the team had a high percentage of the ball possession (59% Vs. 41%). Clearly the style of Depor is to wait the rival and unleash the counterattack with side defenders acting as full-backs (Bóveda and Mollejo). But that tactic was a little unnecessary facing another rival used to wait at the back. The result was to see a Depor having the ball more than 60% in several stages of the meeting, and still the team looked harmless.

5- The best news: the clean sheet: The defeat with Real Zaragoza created doubts about the defensive solidity of Depor. And the response in this game was an improvement as the team clinched its ninth clean sheet on the league season, the fifth since the arrival of Fernando Vázquez. It true that it wasn’t excessively difficult as the rival only completed one shot on target, but it has its merits for the work done by players like Mujaid and Montero facing dangerous men like El Hacen and Jaime Seoane.



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