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03 Mar 2020
Depor’s coach explained why he made late changes and admitted that he was wrong with his decisions. The players weren’t happy with their performance.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was saying that his team lost things in the final stretch of the game, “The game was balanced. Maybe by points we did more, but the game was more equal. It was ours until minute 75, and since then we fell. Players that are important for us decreased their performance and, as you noticed it, I tried to make changes in order to win the game, but we were against the tide at that point. I made changes to attack, but we were lost. Hugo [Vallejo] entered in order to perform as a winger and ended as a right-back. I believe there was a noticeable decrease in the second half, and the key was there.”

The Galician coach admitted that he was wrong in making late changes and also for the moves he made, “For the way we are playing, it isn’t easy to change things in order to improve. Only breaking the structure. We are serious in defense, difficult to penetrate, and it was clear that today we needed the offensive potential in order to win. And I lasted with the changes, because I didn’t see the situation clear. And when I did it, I sincerely believe that I was wrong. You risk when you see that the team is dominating, and if you see that the rival is having the ball, then you need to be more secure; therefore, you need to regain the control first. I could have assumed more risks, but the game wasn’t in our favour.”

He also explained why the system with five defenders didn’t change in the second half, “I was thinking about it, but you valorize the defensive solidity. I had doubts and it made me lose strength at midfield and later had to rectify. When you don’t have the control of the ball, you are in problems. You need to control the ball in order to succeed.” 

Asked about the level shown by Emre Çolak, he commented that, “He wasn’t bad. I know that him and Aketxe were making an important effort. I could have opted for other solutions, but I decided to keep him. I need to find out why the team fell within the last fifteen minutes; it could be for the decisions of the coach. But in the first half we were alternating high and low pressure and these players ran a lot. They made a big effort.”

He also stated that he didn’t see a poor team in attack, this after not completing a shot on target in the second half “I had the feeling that it worked in the first half. We aren’t a team prepared for that, but we were better than Lugo in the first half. I also understand that there’s a coach at the other side and they had the ball, and they didn’t want to attack us. Maybe the rivals are finding the way to play against us.”

Finally, Vázquez said that the players are disappointed and that he doesn’t know where this draw fits into his statistics to clinch the salvation, “Since I am here the victories are always urgent. Right now, I cannot tell you the stats to follow, but will see it during the week. The players are sad and disappointed, just like the Deportivismo, but it isn’t negative to be sad. It was a step backwards. I was sure that we were going to win, but we played against a strong rival.”

Peru Nolaskoain wasn’t happy at all with the performance of Deportivo, "We have been the dominant force for most of the game. But this is useless. The one who scores goals wins. Today nobody has done it. We are going home a little sad. We jumped with the intention of winning the game, of going out for them. But it’s a team that knows what it does. They locked themselves well at the back, and that's how it ended."

Neither keeper Dani Giménez was impressed with the game, “Without being a brilliant match, in defense we have been quite good, we practically didn’t have any trouble. It’s true that since minute 70 it cost us more. The team physically decreased its performance. Physically we didn’t finish the game well, unlike other games that the team had the initiative at the end. These are things that happen. We have been running a lot lately, pressing. It’s normal that the team cannot always be at its highest level."

On Monday, Vicente Gómez was saying that the team wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, “We were wanting more, in the first part we were more successful with the last pass, we could have changed the game, but in the last minutes we weren’t able to lock them in the area, even with the changes. We hoped to give that final push, but it couldn’t be.”

At CD Lugo, coach Curro Torres was satisfied with his team, “My players have made a very, very complete match throughout the ninety minutes. On a defensive level, the work was sensational by everyone. We have finished in the opposite field, almost within their area. That's good news. For how the week was, it was important not to lose at the Riazor.” 




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