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05 Mar 2020
The club reported 23,510 socios for the current campaign; it also revealed the number of season subscribers for the past fifteen years.

In an unusual development, Deportivo revealed last week the number of socios for this season and also for the past fifteen years. The numbers of subscribers for the present campaign is 23,510, barely surpassing the mark of last year, but it’s the sixth highest in the period.

When Augusto César Lendoiro was the president, the club reported in a couple of opportunities that it has surpassed the 30,000 socios, now it turns that those numbers were overestimated, because Deportivo never had those high number.

The highest mark of the past fifteen years is the 27,358 of the campaign 2017/18, the last one of Deportivo at Primera División. The goal of the club now is to reach the 26,000 for the remaining of the season, a mark only reached three times between 2015 and 2018.

The evolution of the socios at Deportivo:

Season Socios
2004-2005 21,534
2005-2006 20,745
2006-2007 18,395
2007-2008 16,124
2008-2009 16,773
2009-2010 16,314
2010-2011 15,494
2011-2012 21,602
2012-2013 23,781
2013-2014 20,641
2014-2015 24,434
2015-2016 26,149
2016-2017 26,510
2017-2018 27,358
2018-2019 23,491
2019-2020 25,510





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