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09 Mar 2020
The biggest defeat of the season showed that Deportivo is an unbalanced team that needs reinforcements in defence. Depor never knew how to face the different scenarios planted throughout the meeting.

1- Deserved: During the game, and after it, there were opinions pointing out that the score was too big for what was saw on the field. The true is that it could have been higher, but Dani Giménez made a couple of saves, and it could have been shorter if Aketxe would have seized his chances. The reality is that UD Almería went out and gave the ball to Deportivo, it found a quick goal and from there it administrated the situation and everything worked for them. It wasn’t underserved, it was just a team that was clinical and that at all times tried to protect the result.

2- Clueless: Deportivo never knew how to deal with the different situations presented throughout the game. It went out with the same system and with the usual idea to play on the counterattack, but found out a rival that gave the ball away and Depor simply didn’t know what to do with it. It never realized that it had a physical superiority at midfield with Uche Agbo, and neither that there were big lagoons at Almería’s defence [as it was saw in a couple of plays]. Instead the Galicians tried to play with long balls searching for Merino, and the result was to end the first part without chances to score and neither shots on target.

In the second half, the team did the opposite, it went out with the intention of having the ball, but found out a rival that was trying to do the same. The team never knew how to bear the pressure and ended conceding three corner-kicks in two minutes later the third goal. It was until the last ten minutes that Depor realized that it could damage the rival with short and fast combinations seizing the  lagoons at the local defence, and it was then that Depor had their three chances to score, but at that point it was too late.

3- The weakest link was the right side: During the last month the main worry was to see how the rivals were attacking the left side defended by Mollejo, and in this game the damage came from the right flank defended by Hugo Vallejo, the improvised right-back after the injury of Bóveda. José Corpas had a party there that was later extended to the centre during the second half. No one at Depor was able to defend him and Corpas ended the game with two assists plus the shot that hit the post and that later ended in the third goal.

4- Peru Nolaskoain is not a centre-back, part II: The draw with Girona FC left the clear warning that to improvise with Peru Nolaskoain as a centre-back is a risky measure, two games later, Depor are still paying a price for it. Again the Basque looked bad in one of the goals, and the defeat was bigger as Montero failed twice. And again the message is clear: Nolaskoain needs to return to midfield, place where he is more valuable and Depor need to sign a new centre-back to replace Somma.

5- Again Aketxe was the only threat in attack: Deportivo have ended scoreless in the last two games, and curiously in both matches Ager Aketxe has been the most dangerous player. If against CD Lugo he had three of the four chances to score, now he had two of the three chances against UD Almería. The play that ended hitting the crossbar was very unlucky, because his shot was barely deflected by keeper Fernando Martínez, and luckily for the locals the ball made a strange deviation hitting the crossbar and later bouncing outside the goal line.

6- The biggest defeat of the season: Deportivo arrived into Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos with the label of been the best team in the second round, and it went out suffering the biggest defeat of the season. Throughout this season, the Galicians had allowed three goals in the same game during eight opportunities and this was the first time allowing four.



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