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09 Mar 2020
Despite the big loss, Depor’s coach was defending his team and didn’t want to accept the idea that they looked defeated. Mollejo was apologizing for the poor impression left.

Coach Fernando Vázquez was trying to explain the defeat, “The situation was and remains to be critical for Depor. And what can you say when you allow four goals? To congratulate Almería, it was lethal against our goal and we were too weak in defense. I still need to re-watch the game. I believe we were fine at the beginning, but thirty minutes later we were trailing 2-0. We committed important defensive errors and Almería is a good team. We tried to react in the second half and the players did everything possible. There were times in which we were fine, but Almería was scoring each time they reached our area, so Almería was lethal at our area and we were too bad at their area, and the normal thing is to lose when you are bad at both areas.”

The Galician coach denied the idea that the team was looking defeated in the second half, “I believe my team tried to attack and I never saw them defeated. I would recognize it if I would have seen that. Truly we allowed Almería to run, but I didn’t see it that way. We had a reaction and had chances to score. It could have been a lower score, but we didn’t seize our chances and Almería scored the fourth at the end. I don’t think the stadium saw a team that was defeated, it’s possible that we committed defensive errors, but we tried to attack and left space to Almería in order to run.”

Then he explained the situation of the players with physical problems, “We are losing Mollejo for having five yellow cards. Eneko [Bóveda] is a muscle injury, and Sabin [Merino] had a similar problem to the one suffered the other day, it was a problem in the hamstring muscle.”

Fernández ended saying that he will think about switching the system for the next game, “I will re-watch the game and see what we will do. I also want to know the feelings of my players, but I want to see the full game again. We know football and when you are trailing and try to tie the score, then these things can happen.”

Hugo Vallejo was feeling hurt with the heavy loss, “It was a tough day today. We didn’t score in the chances that we had. We aren’t sunk, but it’s painful to leave this way after working so hard. We have to think of the next game, it’s time to work, improve and keep growing.”

Víctor Mollejo was apologizing for the impression left on the pitch, "To apologize because today the team hasn’t had the identity it has had in other games. Sorry for today. We are waiting for next weekend, because we are going to try to improve and we are waiting for the public’s support, because they are a fundamental pillar."

He admitted that Depor were inferior in this game, “Today Depor has been much inferior. From the first moment we have been surpassed. We haven’t been solid at the back. We are hurt, because it was a very hard defeat. You haven’t seen what the team is, what the coach wants from the team."

At UD Almería, coach José María Gutiérrez, 'Guti' was radiant with the outcome, "The team was working very well and needed a match like this in order to believe in itself. From the first minute we went for Deportivo and the first goal gave us the necessary peace of mind. We were able to play in the counterattack, which is where the team feels more comfortable." 




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