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15 Mar 2020
The last signing of Depor, Abdoulaye Ba, said that he doesnt want to return to Rayo Vallecano, and that he is pleased to see Deportivo trusting him.

During the week the club presented Abdoulaye Ba, the Senegalese centre-back is replaced injured Michele Somma. He is content for seeing Depor trusting him after not having chances at Rayo Vallecano, Im happy to be here, more than anything for been able to do what gives me joy. It has been a long time without playing. I am not a Cristiano and neither Messi, but I know what my value is; and I am very happy that Depor are valuing me. I'm going until death for Deportivo to put it back at their position."

He was also saying that the lack of games wont affect him, I don't think I would be penalized for not playing too much. I was preparing to be able to leave. Mentally it isnt easy, but I was preparing myself with people in case I was going to leave Rayo.

What called the attention was his sincerity about his status at Rayo Vallecano, I didnt want to continue there before, and I dont want it now. It was clear to me. I am proud to have come and defend these colors. Everyone knows that Depor is a great club, very different from what it was. I have had a very difficult time letting me out.

I was even surprised that no journalist spoke about my situation. Because I had many offers to get out, but they rejected all of them. By having a contract, if the one who decides rejects offers... I have clearly explained that I didnt want to stay, but by having a contract... No one at Rayo can tell me that professionally I was doing things wrong. But let's be clear, I don't want to continue there anymore."



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