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17 Mar 2020
Uncertainty in La Liga as it isn’t clear if the Primera and Segunda tournaments are going to finish. The president of La Liga said he thinks they could end the season.

The crisis in Spain continues. The cases of COVID-19 are growing and the authorities believe the quarantine will be extended for at least one more week. The Primera and Segunda tournaments already postponed two matchdays and it seems inevitable that a third matchday will follow the same course.

At this point it still possible to end the season on time playing in midweeks, but it will be impossible if the situation of emergency is extended even more. A lot has been said about what could happen, from suggestions of ending the season taking in mind the first round standings, to create a new and short tournament to define titles, promotions and demotions.

For now the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, is convinced that all the matchdays are going to be played. As he told reporters during the weekend, "I have been working through telephone conversations and videoconferences throughout the weekend with European institutions, presidents of Spanish clubs, because we have to coordinate and a very important week is coming. What we are thinking now is that we are going to finish the competition. Important decisions can be made this week in Europe. ”

He reminded that the clubs need the TV income in order to survive, “I have had contacts with Italy, Germany and other league presidents. We are working to provide a solution, because coronavirus is a health issue and for health there are doctors, we are here to provide a solution to the economic problem that is going to arise, what will happen with the nearly one hundred audiovisual contracts that we have throughout the world. If you don’t retransmit the signal, then you will not be able to collect, that’s clear. We have 25 percent of the season to play and the entire budget will have to be reviewed, that’s the damage that can occur if the competition is not finished.”

La Liga will have more meetings this week, and there’s an important meeting by UEFA authorities on Tuesday. The delay of the EURO and the cancelation/modification of the European tournaments are also crucial to establish the measures to be taken.



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