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19 Mar 2020
Fabril’s coach addressed the media and talked about the situation of the team. Luisito is convinced that the tournament at Tercera won’t end as it doesn’t move a lot of money as the Primera or Segunda tournaments.

José Luis Míguez ‘Luisito’ talked to reporters in a virtual press conference. The coach of Fabril analyzed the possibility of not ending the Tercera season, plus the high hopes that the club has on Mujaid and Juan Rodríguez. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Juan Rodríguez: “He is a lad with an incredible projection. He is a kid that still has one more year at Juveniles. I, like the rest of the club, are hopeful to see him reaching the first team. I just ask to see everybody helping. We are hopeful with him, but a lot still ahead for him and need a favourable environment.”

Will the Tercera season end? “I sincerely have my doubts. I believe it won’t end. If the Primera and Segunda seasons are going to end, it is because of the financial concerns. It’s my opinion. Right now, I think it won’t be played. I have the feeling that the first two tiers are going to be played, because there are financial interests, and I have my doubts the competition will be played at Segunda B or in lower tiers.”

Can Fernando Vázquez pick more players from Fabril? “It won’t be a problem. If someone will be enchanted to see more kids at the first team it is me. The B team is there for that. If we don’t play anymore, I will be glad to see Fernando counting with them.”

Mujaid Sadick: “He and I know the conversations that we had. The clear thing is that I am happy to see the lad succeeding with the first team. When I arrived here one year ago, he wasn’t counting for Fabril and neither for Juveniles. He wasn’t counting and thanks to hard work he understood that many things should change, and now the reward is to see him as an important payer for the first team. I hope to see him staying the same way. It depends on him.”

Will you stay next season? “I talk a lot with Richard Barral, Fernando Vázquez and Albert Gil. It doesn’t depend on me and I can only say that I have been happy to see cases like the one of Mujaid, Gandoy, David Sánchez or Kanouté. It is what brings me satisfaction. If the club tells me that the priority is to play the playoff, it will be another story, but the circumstances are different. I could renew or not, and it doesn’t depend on me.”

Goal for the team if the league is played: “I don’t think the playoff is out of reach, but no one told me that it’s the goal. This is a very young team, the youngest in years. If the league is played, then we will fight for the last 33 points, but my priority was always to see the lads reaching the first team. If the club wants another goal then it will be needed to bring players with more experience, because the lads need to pass through a process that needs experience. We are lacking goal, but the lads are competing. These players will be better on next year.”

How are you dealing with the crisis? “I am living a bad moment, because I live with elder people [his mother is 91], and we must understand what the authorities say. I will tell young people that they should think of their parents and grandparents. We must be conscious of elderly people. I believe this will take a while.”

How are you controlling the work of the players? “We are sending the plan to the players. We had to change it, because originally it meant to work outside and, right now, they cannot train there. I know the lads were training in a high level, and now I hope they must be conscious that, if the league is played, they should be in good conditions for the last eleven matchdays.”

Where are the players now (they normally live in the clubhouse)? “We have a group of WhatsApp. The club gave me the order to send them home as this will take a while. They must be ready in case the competition is re-started. I just asked to take care of them. They need to be solidary with elderly people.”

Is the break somehow favourable for the team? “It’s complicated. We are coming from a bad streak, but we were playing good football. We only played badly some minutes against Paiosaco, we won 4-2. But we were having six or seven chances per game and later the rival arrived once and was scoring. These are circumstances that you need to manage. The lads are young and commit errors. We are lacking goals as we are failing what shouldn’t be failed. The only good thing for the break is that the players can recover the aim, but the uncertainty can be a negative factor.”



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