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25 Mar 2020
Depor Ladies captain is missing the fact of been training with her partners and compete on the grass. She is ending her contract in June but doesn’t want to talk of the issue.

Teresa Abeleira gave a virtual press conference and talked of how she is living the self-isolation. She didn’t want to talk of the future as her contract ends in June. The following is a summary of the things she said.

Lack of competition: “The true is that it is a matter that doesn’t worry me right now as the main thing is to stay healthy. Let’s hope we can return into competition as soon as possible and later we will see how things end.”

How are you dealing with self-isolation? “I was okay until some days ago, but the true is that it’s turning to be oppressive.”

Should the rest of la liga be played behind closed doors? “If the league returns soon then there won’t be problems, but if this goes on, then we will see if we can end the competition.”

Training routine: “I follow the routine of Lucia [Piñeiro, the physical trainer of the team], so I won’t lose the shape. Later I am preparing my studies and am watching TV series.”

Who do you miss the most? “My family, they stayed in Pontevedra, and I’m here in A Coruña. Especially my goddaughter Daniela, I would love to spend these days with her. It would be a good moment to be with her, but due the circumstances it isn’t possible.”

What do you miss the most from football? “What I need the most is to touch the ball on the pitch. I need to strike the ball again and enjoy the trainings with my teammates.”

Do you think the league will end? “I hope so, But truly things are getting delayed and hope that we can play in midweek. I hope we can end it.”

Are you afraid your great season can end in nothing? “Yes. We have done something that no one has done before been a debutant at the top, and it could be forgotten due to this issue. I hope the league could end.”

What has surprised you the most at Liga Iberdrola? “The capacity that we have had in order to stay at the top.”

What player has surprised you the most? “Alexia [Putelas from FC Barcelona], because in the game with Barca she demonstrated great values. She was supporting us and is great.”

Do you have offers from other clubs? “It’s an issue managed by other persons, right now the only thing that matters to me is my team. Right now, I am a player of Deportivo and only think of my team.”

Will this break affect your game? “It’s something that we will have to wait and see, the clear thing is that Lucia is doing a great work in order to keep us at the top. We will see how we are at the moment of competing.”



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