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26 Mar 2020
Fabril’s Juan Rodriguez explained how he sees the future after passing from been a Juvenile player to train with the first team. He also confessed that his favourite club was always Deportivo.

Juan Rodriguez conceded a virtual press conference in which he talked of his promising season, one that took him from been at Juvenil A to train with the first team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Your current season: “The true is that the season has been great in a personal level, and I’m thankful for the opportunities that I am receiving.”

Aspects in your game that must be improved: “To be better placed on the field and later anticipate the actions that will take place on the field.”

Training with the first team: “It’s a wonderful experience, and the true is that I am learning a lot surrounded by these great players.”

Fernando Vázquez: “I work physical and tactical issues with him, and he is a very kind person that’s helping me a lot. Each coach has a different style, and Fernando has experience and demonstrate it on the trainings. I valorize the effort he makes training with me for an additional hour after the session.” 

Debuting with the first team? “I am not thinking about it. I just think of the day by day, so I can achieve the goals that I have.”

Do you feel more as a Fabril’s player rather than a Juvenile? “Right now I am playing with Fabril, but my age is Juvenile, so I am a player of Juvenil A. If I have to play again with my teammates, I will do it with pleasure.”

Message to the players from the academy: “To work every day and give everything, because right now the club is giving the opportunities.”

Are you dreaming of been a starter with the first team? “I am not thinking of that, but luckily it could happen in the future. It will be a pleasure as I love this club.”

A reference in the position: “Before reaching the club, I was looking to Sergio Ramos, Godin and Jiménez, all for their capacity to defend and to anticipate the actions. Right now, I stay with Mujaid, because he is an example for the academy, and because he has surpassed a personal situation and it’s a great story.”

How do you see the future? “The club is betting on me and is giving an opportunity. Luckily I will be able to debut and defend this shirt.”

Working at home: “I am following the routine sent by Pombo, I had to buy resources before in order to do it at home. I don’ have a bicycle, so I am climbing stairs.”

 You had an offer from Vigo: “I live in Vigo and played eight years at Coruxo, and had offers from Valencia, Villarreal, Celta and Depor. And when the offer of Depor came, I never doubted in coming here, because I supported the club since been a child. I said yes with the eyes closed.”

Luisito: “He is a great professional. He is more impulsive and is great. He takes cares of me.”

Future plans: “To stay at this club as long as possible, because it’s the club that I always supported. At the first team on next year? That’s something the coaches has to valorize.”



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