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02 Apr 2020
La Liga 2019/20 could be cancelled, but the league authorities are pushing hard to play the remaining games even if it means to dispute the matches in July. Deportivo could end losing €4 million.

April has started and the uncertainty in la liga continues. The COVID-19 virus is about to cost 10,000 deaths in Spain and the situation will slowly improve in the coming weeks. The government declared that the population must be in self-isolation until April 12, and at this point a new extension is highly probable.

Right now, the debate is if the leagues should be cancelled or not. La Liga and the TV companies want to end the season no matter when, because they don’t want to lose the money of the TV contracts, while some clubs want to cancel the season now. On Monday there was a virtual meeting between the LFP and the clubs, Marca reported that some clubs are pushing to end the season now, while the LFP don’t want to rule out the option until having a clear picture of the extension of the self-isolation orders.

The LFP authorities are now certain that it won’t be possible to play in April, and some are even saying that football will return until July. That’s the case of Jaume Roures, the president of MEDIAPRO, the multimedia communications group that owns the TV rights in la liga.

He said on Tuesday that, “I believe that football will return in July or August, but without public. Before there will be a pre-season in order to protect the health of the players. But if the competition is restarted and someone tests positive for Coronavirus, then we will have to give up and assume that the season is lost.”

In the meantime, UEFA is also pushing to end the leagues. In a meeting had on Wednesday, they also proposed a plan that means to play the leagues in June or July, and later play the Champions League and the Europa League.

A report from Sportpaper Deporte Campeón was saying that Depor’s official are calculating in €4 million the losses if the competition isn’t restarted. That’s €2 million for the TV contract of the games that haven’t been played, plus another additional €2 million for losses related to merchandising, tickets sales and refunds to socios.

It means the 18% of the expected incomes for the season. It isn’t a lethal loss, but it will force the club to make adjustments, the first is to use the figure of the Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) which will differ the payments to the employees. Under this figure the government ends paying the 70% of the employees’ wages and the club is studying the option of assuming the remaining 30%. The second measure is to negotiate with the players a reduction of their wages, which could be refunded in case that the remaining of the season is played.



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