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07 Apr 2020
In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, La Liga and the Spanish Federation remain in their open war, now it’s for how the season 2019/20 should be handled after the delay of seven matchdays.

La Liga (LFP and the Spanish Federation (RFEF) are used to collide for the personal differences between their presidents, Javier Tebas and Luis Rubiales, and this war has continued during the emergency for the COVID-19.

The LFP authorities are desperate to relaunch the competition at Primera and Segunda, this in order to avoid multimillion losses, and are pressing the players in order to accept their plan and the way to inhibit them is by menacing with Employment Regulation Files (ERTES).

The current self-isolation order was extended until the end of April, which means that Segunda División already lost seven matchdays and each day the rescheduled of the calendar seems more difficult. Meanwhile the RFEF prefers to wait and see what the Spanish government will dictate and don’t discard the option of cancelling the season 2019/20. And now the Players Union (AFE) ha entered the war and is facing the LFP.

During the weekend the Union released a statement criticizing the fact that La Liga wants to reduce their wages. They question that the LFP presumes of having a strict financial control and that now they cannot afford to page their wages for two months. They are also concern about the health of the players if they play games even behind closed doors. On Monday they sent a letter to the Spanish Sporting Council (CSD) asking for their mediation.

What’s true is that the no one knows when football will return. European countries are still battling to have the virus under control and the last thing the governments want to discuss is football. Even the UEFA is lost. During the week president Aleksander Čeferin hinted that the league seasons should be decided before August 3, but on Monday the same UEFA released a statement saying that there’s no deadline and that the season 2019/20 will remain open until deciding what to do.



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