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08 Apr 2020
Left-back Luis Ruiz talked to the media about the situation at the club and the uncertainty with the league competitions.

Luis Ruiz gave a virtual press conference. The left-back wants to earn the permanence on the pitch and also analyzed the performance of Mollejo on his position. The following is a summary of the things he said.

What to do with the remaining of the season: “I will like to end the competition and achieve the salvation on the pitch, but right now it’s difficult to know. We are persons first and the first thing is to not have any risk for anyone. If we restart the competition it will be like starting all over again. The same teams that were fine at the beginning could restart the competition and have horrible results.”

Personal situation with the virus after suffering from medullary aplasia: "Not right now, because I have normal levels of defenses, hemoglobin. But at the time, in the critical phase of the disease, it would have been a risk to my health. When I left the hospital, I had to wear a mask, because I could take anything. A constipated, any virus and I didn't have enough defenses to face it. "

Conversations with the club about the financial situation: "The captains have told us what the club thinks. Right now, there is a small negotiation and I think that an agreement will be reached soon that favors everyone's interests. There is a good harmony between the changing room and the club."

How are you in a physical sense? "I was in a good moment when the first injury came and it was hard. Then I broke again against Cádiz and now that I was going to reappear against Sporting, I relapsed again. It had been tough. In the first round I had continuity, many minutes. But following the first injury problems have arisen in the same area. "

Mollejo is currently playing at the left-back position: "His performance is only explained by the desire he puts on the field. In every play, in every game. With that desire he can play wherever he wants. In the left side he has played good games and I think that if he improves some defensive aspects, because he has spent all his life as a striker and something they have to teach him, he could do well there."



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