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13 Apr 2020
The restart of la liga remains uncertain, and for now the attention is focused in the negotiation between the clubs and their employees. For now, Deportivo wonít furlough their non-playing staff during the pandemic.

Spain will live a special day on Monday, with almost 20,000 deaths for the COVID-19 virus, some non-essential sectors of the economy will be reopened. Thereís a debate about the convenience of the measure as the pandemic isnít totally controlled. Still, this isnít affecting football yet as the government already said that la liga is the last thing that will return into normality.

Without a clear date to relaunch the competitions, each day there are more opinions pointing to a probable cancelation of the season 2019/20, which means a big loss for the clubs and the institutions. For this reason, the clubs have been negotiating with their employees, and on this week at least five Primera club announced deals with their players in which they are cutting their wages in certain percentages depending on what might happen next.

As example Levante UD, the Valencian club reached an agreement with the players to cut their wages in 20% in case the season is cancelled, 3% if the rest of the season is played behind closed doors, and 1% in case the competition returns with public, but with a delay. In this way the club will not furlough their non-playing staff.

A furlough is a temporary leave of employees due to special needs of a company or employer, and in Spain it itís known its applied the figure know as Employment Regulation File (ERTE).This figure forces the government to pay a percentage of the basic salary to these employees, normally the 70%, though it moves depending if the employee is married and have kids.

For now, Deportivo havenít reached any agreement with its employees and players. It was rumored the club was going to apply an ERTE, but during the week La Voz de Galicia reported that Deporís authorities have told the clubís employees that they wonít furlough their non-playing staff during the pandemic. What is likely to happen is to reach an agreement with the players that could be very similar to the one of Levante UD.



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