23 Apr 2020
Diego Rolan was interviewed by La Voz e Galicia. The striker talked of the interest of CD Juarťz in buying him and how he is leading with the pandemic crisis.

Q: How are you living these days?
A: Locked up, like everyone else. I live in a chalet and I can't complain. We donít go out, but I have the necessary material, which was provided by the club, and space to train.

Q: Whatís your routine?
A: Generally, I train in the afternoon. I do an hour and a half of work, or even two hours. Bicycle, I exercise on the treadmill, strength work ... A little of everything.

Q: Are you fully recovered from your physical problems?
A: Yes, Yes. Thank God I recovered without any problem. It was only two weeks and now everything is forgotten. I even ended up playing the last game, against Tigres, and scored a goal.

Q: What approach is the right now with the competition?
A: The idea is to finish the League, but you don't know very well how. It is clear that they want to finish it, yes or yes. But they manage several formulas, such as a play-off with the first eight... It isnít well known.

Q: How are you personally handling this whole situation caused by the pandemic?
A: It's a very ugly situation for everyone. Here in Mexico, there are also many cases. People have to be at home so that all of this can be controlled. It is difficult for everyone, but you have to think about making a sacrifice so that everyone can return to normal life. It is worth the effort now.

Q: Have you been touched closely by the virus, either in Mexico, Uruguay or Spain?
A: Thank God, I don't know anyone. Not here, not from my family, or from my wife's family. So, for now, take it easy. Concerned about what I see happening to people, but from a distance.

Q: How do you follow Depor been so far away?
A: Well, you will understand that at first very badly. The team didnít get results and that hurts a lot. Then I saw that it improved a lot. Nine consecutive victories, which is not easy and, well, one gets excited. I was very happy for my teammates, for the club... But now I have the question of how the tournament will be defined in Spain and if it can harm Deportivo. From here, I can do little more than wish them the best, because it is a club that deserves to be in Primera Division. For history, for fans and, also, because it has players for that.

Q: Do you have contact with any colleague?
A: The true is that it's been a while since I've spoken to anyone. Only with one of the doctors three weeks ago or so and with the Frenchman they signed recently [Beauvue].

Q: A few days ago, Ńlvaro Navarro, vice president of JuŠrez, assured that his current club would complete the buyout option on you, what do you know about it?
A: Yes, Yes. I know what you tell me, because I also read it. But itís something that is still unknown, because itís a decision that has to be made between the three parties: the two clubs and me.

Q: In the end, itís possible that you leave Depor without having made your official debut.
A: You are right. And it would be a very ugly situation. I would have loved to play at Deportivo, but for contractual reasons I could not. I am left with the thorn of not having been able to play an official match. But, well, let's see. It is early to speak.

Q: Do you rule out the option to return to A CoruŮa in order to play?
A: My contract makes it difficult for me to play for Deportivo again. Thatís a reality.

Q: What do you mean?
A: Well, my contract is for Primera Division and, unfortunately, Deportivo is still in Segunda Division.

Q: Why your contract is from Primera? Is it because of your high wages or because you only want to play at the highest level?
A: I say this because there is a salary cap and my wages are very high for Segunda Division. It hurts, but I understand that this is the situation and thatís why Deportivo cannot keep me.

Q: The club has signed an agreement with Abanca, which includes the capitalization of 35 million in debt. That will allow you to have a higher salary limit. In this case, would you be willing to play in Segunda Division or do you understand that you are a first class player?
A: Obviously, if that's how you tell me, I would study it, because playing at Deportivo would be wonderful after all this time. I would like to wear the blue and white shirt before ending my contract.

Q: A few months ago, your name jumped to the front line of information when it appeared in recorded conversations during the operation Oikos. How did you experience that?
A: It was a very unpleasant subject. I didnít give it much importance because, obviously, the nearby people knew how the situation was. I had nothing to do with it. So, I was calm and didnít bother to make statements. It was giving importance to a lie and I wasn't interested. But itís logical that it hurt me.

Q: Because, in fact, why were you involved in that matter?
A: Well, I had the bad luck to get into a house that was theirs. What happened it happened, and they were caught talking about me. But Iím very calm.

Q: Yes, but the conversations turned into an accusation to you that you had a bad life.
-A: Right, it reached a level that shouldn't have happened. Everyone knows that I am a professional. I am not afraid to prove anything to anyone. Whatís a pity is that the one who made those comments [Recio] was a colleague who I already knew at MŠlaga and we were also together at Leganťs. These are things that hurt.

Q: Did you have a bad relationship with him to say what he said?
A: Not at all, I never had a confrontation with him or anything. I was always a good person with him. I think the problem is that they were nervous about gambling and involved a person who had nothing to do with it. But itís the same. I don't want to think about it. I am not spiteful and I wish them the best.

Q: Other colleagues defended you. For example Juanfran, in an interview on La Voz.
A: They told me. And I take this opportunity to return the praise for myself. It shows that he is a very good person. And when that happens you feel it. The true is that in football more people like Juanfran would be needed.

Q: Can you imagine both playing at Depor?
A: Hopefully.



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