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28 Apr 2020
On Saturday, the club announced that José González-Dans has resigned to his job as general director. One more step of Fernando Vidal in order to clean the house.

Deportivo announced on Saturday that José González-Dans resigned to his job as general director of the club, the resignation will be effective on May 9. Nothing more was said related to his successor or if the club is thinking in modifying its structure. The general fan might not know who González-Dans is, after all he was never on the spotlight, but he was the CEO commanding the businesses of Deportivo.

González-Dans arrived to Deportivo in January of 2014, former president Tino Fernández hired him as a CEO after been recommended by former advisor José Jaén, later he climbed to the position of general director when Paco Zas became the president. He is considered to be as a solid manager that had to command the ship in moments in which the sporting results were terrible.

According to La Voz de Galicia, the reason for his exit is that he wasn’t part of the main group that advises president Fernando Vidal, and also because the new measures of control carried by with the deal of ABANCA meant important discrepancies that pushed to his exit.

It neither is a surprise as Vidal has quickly moved to erase the former men that were taken the decisions with his predecessors, like the case of former sporting director Carmelo del Pozo. The replacement should come in an agreement with ABANCA as soon as the capitalization of the debt could be finally completed.



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