05 May 2020
Dani Gimťnez offered an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia. The keeper assures the players want to end the season on the pitch, but complains that La Liga hasnít clarified the protocol for the return as the only thing that matters is money.

Q: It seems that you will return to play.
A: We all want to go back. What we ask for is a clear protocol. That La Liga isnít the instance saying how you have to train, and they donít even know what would happen if thereís a contagion within the first days. The current protocol is very forced to push us to start yes or yes. What we ask for is a little bit of security, to have a clear protocol of action. Thatís basic.

Q: Is it realistic to want to play the more than 100 games in total that remain to be played in Segunda Division?
A: It's hard. Besides the tests arenít 100% reliable, thatís another thing. You can do a test and get the virus right after the test. Itís difficult to think that no player is going to catch it. Obviously, zero risk doesnít exist. It doesnít exist for any job. But a company in which twenty workers cannot attend because they are infected has its methods of being able to do something. A team in which the players cannot play, what happens? La Liga should step forward and clarify all possible scenarios.

Q: You really have no idea of what would happen if there are infections?
A: Nothing. No idea. I think they don't have a clue either. If what we the players ask is that. Someone answering for the protocol and thatís viable. We all want to play.

Q: France and Holland canceled. Italy looks like it will cancel it too. The Premier looking at June... Europe begins to opt for canceling the seasons.
A: Evidently, the president of the Spanish League is completely different from those of other countries in Europe.

Q: In what sense?
A: He has a very marked character. In some things heís a brilliant person and in others he is too stubborn, in a good sense of the word. I think nobody is going to get him out of his idea to restart this. In any case, it isnít up him who has to decide. It is up to him to do what he is doing, to try to get all the teams in one page in order to restart. We, along with our clubs, which are on the side of the league for economic reasons, we have to try to start a clearer protocol. Working, it will be necessary to reach agreements. In any case, the suspension of the league will depend on the Ministry and the Government. What cannot remain undefined is that football is being pushed to start unlike other sports and that thereís the shadow of the doubt of that meeting between the CSD, the federation and the League in which it seems that releasing more money for federations of other sports, you end up pushing football to restart yes or yes. I understand that football finances other sports, but neither can we be a currency in exchange for anything.

Q: Germany or Portugal want to return, but their death toll is much lower than the Spanish one.
A: Spain, like Italy, has the problem that the pandemic scenario has been worse than in most countries. In England they are suffering a lot now. I see it difficult for the Premier League to resume, at least in the short term. I think something similar will happen with us. I look more towards the end of June as the best-case scenario. But in the end that stubbornness of those who command this is what is pushing us. And the same goes for UEFA, the people who is in control of the situation want to play and they do everything possible for it. The players want to play, but in the safest way possible and knowing what happens in all the scenarios that may occur, which is something that we donít have today. Itís what we ask for and itís what I think the clubs should also ask for and I don't know why they don't. I think they are prioritizing the economic aspect more than the final standings.

Q: In France they have decided to demote Toulouse and Amiens.
A: And I suppose those two teams will be able to present a demand. Here the theme is to put pressure on the teams below, to force them to start the competition in any way. That's what protocol is for to push us to play. Nothing else. The problem is that the norm is not clear and in Segunda itís very complicated, because there is a triple tie. We havenít played both games against Oviedo, and even above Albacete has one less game. At the overall goal we are in demotion, but if the season ends, what counts? The triple tie? In particular against Oviedo we have only played one game and we have won. Itís complicated because there is no standard. If there were, it would be known.

Q: Why is there such a rush?
A: The economic issue is obviously taking precedence. In any case, players have to be aware that zero risk does not exist. Like any other profession, we can catch it, but if a team catches it and cannot compete, you are adulterating the competition. I believe that, if you have to stop for twenty more days, it stops there. But they donít want to harm the following season, because they will have done their studies and lose more money. But I see it as nonsense. I think itís better to finish it even in October and if you have to play a mini league next year, well, you play a mini league.



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