06 May 2020
Striker Sabin Merino was interviewed by Marca, he talked of how he has lived the self-isolation and how the competition should be resumed.

Q: How are you handling this self-isolation? Is it getting hard?
A: It’s a new and extraordinary situation for everyone, nobody likes to be so limited in terms of activities, but it’s necessary for the good of the population. Within all these limitations, I consider that making a routine and keeping the day as busy as possible makes confinement much better.

Q: How do you entertain yourself apart from working the physical tone with the team routines?
A: I play cards, I try to learn to play the guitar, I watch series and movies...

Q: Are you one of those who cook or clean the house? Or those who pass of everything?
A: I am one of those that cook.

Q: Let's go back to football. Would you understand that the League was terminated now and that the team ends relegated?
A: It would seem to me a very unfair and a little understandable situation, there are still eleven matchdays and everything is very open. Given the trajectory that we have in the second round, being one of the three teams that added the most points, ending up relegated without playing the matches, I see no logic. It would be unfair to the four teams who go down not to be able to fight for the goal.

Q: For you the fairest thing would be...
A: Let the League resume and end the season.

Q: Remember a little about your arrival to A Coruña and the enthusiasm you had for this project.
A: I was in a very difficult situation at Leganés without any opportunity, something desperate for any player. I needed to go out and find a place where I felt loved and where I could regain confidence. Then my agents informed me of Deportivo's interest, shortly after Barral called me and said he wanted me there tomorrow to be available for the game we had two days later. He also told me about the idea they had for the following season. I already had very good references from the club, Depor have always been a great club... and all that together made the decision very easy to make.

Q: I suppose the short-term goal is salvation, but what goals does Sabin Merino have in mind with Depor?
A: First of all, the salvation. Then there will be time to look at other objectives. I imagine Primera Division, I think that’s where it deserves to be.

Q. In a similar situation is your former team.
A: The truth is that there are many clubs that can be harmed by the current situation, so the most fair thing would be to play and that the competition puts each side where it deserves, as long as the minimum health requirements can be met and following the advice of health authorities. I wish the best of luck to Leganés.

Q: There are footballers who don’t want to take risks and who refuse to play until all this passes. What is your position?
A: Confinement measures are gradually opening up and it will be necessary to see how this is affecting and changing the situation. I firmly believe in the opinion of experts and doctors and they will be the ones who will decide correctly when to resume, guaranteeing the health of everyone, from footballers to staff.



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