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15 May 2020
Ager Aketxe said that he is happy at Deportivo and eager to continue at the Galicia club. He also said to be feeling “safe” training at Abegondo.

Playmaker Ager Aketxe gave a virtual press conference before Thursday’s training. He said to be happy at Depor and open to sign a renewal. The Basque player also talked of the return of la liga. The following us a summary of the things he said.

The option to renew for Deportivo: “That [optional] year than I had for objectives has not been met. The important thing is to save Depor and from there, we will talk. I am happy here, I feel loved and valued by the fans and I would have no problem in staying. I have seen both faces, when we have gone wrong and when we have gone well, and for that part I am happy. You always want to be where you want and feel valued. We will have to sit down, talk to the club and see if we can reach an agreement.”

Are you already talking to the club? "When the season ends, we will sit down and talk and we will see what the club's idea is. I'm happy. Right not it isn’t a priority, because the important thing now is to return to the competition and save Depor from relegation."

You were in a good moment before the break, will affect you? "I don’t think so. Since Fernando's arrival, I have found my place. I think I chained good games and now, with the break, you can also get the good point that you had by resting. I had been accumulating many minutes and I have worked on aspects that I didn’t have reinforced. I think that these are qualities that you carry within. As with the first day, it costs a little, but once you start to shoot, everything will be fine."

The league is about to return, are you afraid? "Of course there is fear, how can we not have it? But I think that zero risk is not for us or any worker. Within the risk there is, I feel safe. This week, in Abegondo, I have felt safe. As everything is happening, nobody tells us that within a year we will have zero risk. We are doing it well and if we do things with our heads, I don't think there should be any problems.”

How about the training sessions? “A lot of load, resistance and working fatigue. Tomorrow or the day after, we will pass new tests and from there they will let us do more things as a group. Now we are doing what we can. Football requires other efforts. Changes of pace, changes of direction, braking, footsteps... that's a bit to what we have to adapt.”

There will be concentrations in order to end the league: "If it has to be done it will be done, but in the end it doesn't make much sense either, because you have a concentration, you compete again and then we go home."



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