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18 May 2020
It was a disappointing season for a Fabril that was targeting the promotion to Segunda B, but that at the moment of the suspension it was living a bad streak and was seventh at the standings.

The normal season at Tercera División should have ended this Sunday, but the pandemic forced to suspend the remaining 11 matchdays. At the time of the suspension the lads were living a bad moment after spending 7 games without victories, and for this reason they were 7th at the standings, seven points under the fourth position.

The season had a good start with home victories over Ourense CF (2-0) and Alondras CF (4-1), plus away draws at CD Choco and CD Arenteiro (both 0-0). Then the team lost straight games facing SD Compostela (2-0) and CD Barco (2-3).

But Fabril bounced back and managed to add 6 victories in the next 7 games. The lads defeated Bergantiños CF (1-3), Rápido de Bouzas (2-1), Polvorín CF (1-2), UD Ourense (3-1), CD Estradense (0-2) and CD As Pontes (2-1). The only team that managed to add a point in this frame was UD Somozas (1-1).

It was matchday 13 and Fabril were 4th at the standings, five points below leaders Ourense CF. And it was then that the debacle started, because the team coached by Luisito was only going to add three victories in the following 14 matches.

The lads suffered three straight losses facing SD Silva (2-1), Racing Vilalbés (0-1) and CSD Arzúa (2-0). There was a reaction as Fabril won 3 of the following 4 games. The team defeated UD Paiosaco (4-2), CD Pontellas (4-0) and CD Choco (1-0). In the middle a draw facing Arosa SC (0-0).

And then the final fall as Fabril only added 3 of the last 21 points that were disputed. There were three straight losses facing Ourense CF (1-0), CD Arenteiro (1-2) and Alondras CF (1-0), then 3 straight draws facing SD Compostela (2-2), CD Barco (1-1) and Bergantiños CF (1-1), and the final game that was played was a disappointing 1-0 loss at UD Somozas.



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