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20 May 2020
Richard Barral talked of the situation of several players, and is convinced that Depor are going to have a positive end to the season.

Sporting director Richard Barral gave a virtual press conference. He analyzed the future of some players at the squad, ad also gave his view on the end to the season. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The return to train: "Since the trainings started, I see how people have arrived after two months, I just think, half joking with the players, that there are eleven games left and we can only lose twice. I think it will be very difficult to defeat us. I have the feeling that we are going to be the best team in this final stage.”

Who will benefited with the break? "I think we are going to be favored, because we have a large squad. We have people who came in January, who didn’t play in their teams, and aren’t so burned in terms of games. I think it will be very difficult that we will lose games.”

Playing behind closed doors: "It is a strange situation to play behind closed doors, I was watching the Bundesliga for a bit, everyone with masks, it’s our turn and trying to get out in the best possible way when we start competing. "Of course it penalizes us, it’s almost the first goal in any game, a full Riazor is key, behind closed doors we are the team most harmed, without a doubt."

Aketxe: “Negotiation doesn’t exist yet, the same with any player. There have been talks with the agents of some players to see their predisposition. His is to continue here, but it hasn’t gone beyond that. There are eleven matchdays left and Fernando Vázquez is going to have remarkable decision-making power with the players on the squad. From there, we will decide.”

Çolak: “He has made a great effort to come here. We all know about his quality. I think that with Jonathan Viera, with whom we already saw the impact he has had at Las Palmas, they are players of a differential level in Segunda. It has also surprised us by its ability to work, adapting to a system and without caring about his personal brilliance. Even I, a clear admirer of him, have been surprised by his attitude. He has two or three offers, but he’s a person who has fitted very well in the city and in the team. If those offers are huge, we will not have a choice. But right now, I know that he has slightly higher offers and, as it stands, he would choose A Coruña. But that also has to go hand in hand with the club and the coach. We don’t rule out that he can continue.”

Cartabia: “It’s the same case. His current team has a purchase option until a certain date. If they fulfill it, then we have nothing to do. His agent told us that they wanted to execute it, but given the economic situation, they asked to change the rules of the game. And we said no. That the rules were already signed. We must wait until the deadline they have. If this operation doesn’t occur, they are players with a contract and a very high level. The club will decide, it depends on the economic availability. At the moment we don’t know, we need to see if there’s flexibility with the salary caps. But for now we can only say that there are two clubs that have the key (Juárez, in the case of Rolan, and Al Ahli).”

Diego Rolan: “Through his agent they have shown us interest in fulfilling the purchase option, but they haven’t yet sent the offer in writing. We can do little. We have been asked by other clubs about him, but they have signed an option that if they fulfill it, then we cannot listen to offers. I don’t know if they will wait until the end of the term or they will do it before. But the reference we have is that they will make the purchase”.

Somma: "We are a serious club and the renovation has been promised when he was injured, and we are going to fulfill our word.”

Salary cap: “"It isn’t clear to La Liga yet. We are in a state of uncertainty, not only the clubs, but also everyone at the economic sphere in the country."

Bet on the academy: "Whatever happens, the club has a priority and it is to make a clear commitment to the academy. The idea is, without giving away anything, the bet will be to promote the player who matches the level."



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