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22 May 2020
Víctor Mollejo doesn’t know if he will continue playing as a fullback, but assures that he will do his best in order to help Deportivo.

Winger Víctor Mollejo addressed the media in a virtual press conference. The winger explained the feelings of the players in the return to work, and he assures that it will be crucial to win the first game. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Risk of suspending the season in case of a new outbreak: “Finishing the competition is the goal of the league and also of all the teams. It would be a big problem for all of us to start and have to stop again. We will do our part to make this happen and end it. The main thing for us is to win the first game to get out of relegation. and that there is no debate on whether Depor would drop or not. From there, all the matches are finals, because you don't know when there could be a contagion.”

When to restart the games? "When we come back it has to be with a certain assurance for the footballers that there will be no more infections, but I think everyone is looking forward to the return of football. At the moment we are following the steps set by La Liga with caution. The protocol is safe and there aren’t many cases among players.”

Happiness for been training on the pitch: “We are very happy and we talked about it in the first little circle we made. It brings happiness. It seemed silly when we did it, because we are used to doing it our whole lives, but it’s an absolute joy to be with the teammates, laughing with them, interacting with the ball. We are players and didn’t value it and now we realize that it was essential.”

You are suspended for the first game: «From the negative you have to get the positive. I'm going to have one more week to get well for my first game, to get stronger.”

Will you continue performing as a fullback? "Where it’s my turn to play, I will continue to give my best, it’s still early to know where I will play, whether side defender or winger, where the coach puts me, I will be happy."

The level of Deportivo: We have a very good squad for Segunda Division, but we must be careful because it’s possible to lose a game, especially in this league. Hopefully we will win many games; it will be a good sign!”



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