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23 May 2020
Attacker Carlota Sánchez and centre-back Sara Álvarez have been renewed for one season and at the same time promoted to Depor Ladies first team. Both talked about their new status.

Carlota Sánchez and Sara Álvarez are the two players that have been promoted to the first team of Depor Ladies. Both offered a press conference and talked about their promotion and their expectations ahead of next season.

Your role model at the first team?
Carlota: “I believe Depor Ladies have made a great job, and you can have any player as a role model.”
Sara: “The true is that every player at the first team is a reference, but if I have to choose someone is Tere [Abelleira], because she also had to leave home been very young, and was betting in a new project like this one. All the effort done in order to reach the elite was successful, and I want to follow that path. Also Iris, she is a player that’s a true professional. Sometimes you don’t notice it, but it’s key. “

References in football?
Carlota: “Without doubt Vero Boquete. She is here in Galicia, but after the season of Depor Ladies, anyone will do it, like Tere, Athenea and Iris.
Sara: “If I have to choose, I say that Tere Abelleira. She left home in order to fight for a dream. But also Vero Boquete and Mari Paz Vilas.”

How do you face next year taking in mind you will jump into the first team?
Carlota: “With great hope and hoping it will be a great year.”
Sara: “It’s a year full of hope for all the challenges. I want to debut at Liga Iberdrola and it needs a big effort. I am happy for the confidence and want to help the team.”

Do you have the goal of having a protagonic role on next season?
Carlota: “I already played with the team and hope to have more chances.”
Sara: “It’s a big challenge to train with the first team, because they are elite players, but I don’t want to put limits and it’s my dream and also my goal.”

What’s the goal for next season taking in mind the reinforcements in attack?
Carlota: I can play in several positions and will try to find a spot.”

Miriam is leaving, and María Méndez could leave too, does this means you will have chances at the centre of the defence?
Sara: “I am conscious of what it means to play at the elite. I know that I need to mature, physiologically and physically. I don’t want t put limits, but I understand that I am just arriving. Off course I will like to have minutes, but that depends on the coach. I will just give my best in order to have opportunities.”

How was your renewal?
Carlota: “I was ending my contract, and the club contacted me during the isolation. The true is that it was easy to reach the agreement, because I wanted to stay and they wanted to keep me.”

How do you see the team ahead of next season?
Carlota: “I believe the signings are bringing quality to the team, and we will try to cover the absence of the players that are leaving.”
Sara: “I believe all these renewals and the signings mean that we are making a competitive team, so we can repeat the performance and even to look higher. We will see a team with football and strength.”

Can you repeat the performance?
Carlota: “I believe the team is ready to make a good job. The first goal should be the permanence, and since then there’s no roof.”
Sara: “I believe that the fourth position wasn’t a lucky thing. The players lived it day by day and it meant a big effort. They had a nice reward and it was deserved. Off course we can repeat it, but we need to make a big effort as it won’t be easy for been Liga Iberdrola. It won’t be easy, but Depor have a high roof. Why we can’t end at the top?”



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