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25 May 2020
AS reported that David Villasuso will be the new corporative director of Deportivo. He will replace González-Dans. Meanwhile, there’s a conflict with current advisor Miguel Otero.

David Villasuso was hired by Deportivo at the beginning of May. He was coming from ABANCA after directing a mid-level department since 2014. It was the response of president Fernando Vidal after González-Dans surprisingly presented his resignation at the end of April.

Villasuso was acting as financial chief, and with the promotion of Albert Gil to organization manager, the club as a corporation was managed by both men. But now Vidal is ready to make the next step and is to return to have a corporative director.

According to AS, Vidal will name Villasuso as corporative director in the coming days, and his first big task is to organize the shareholders meeting that has been suspended for two months and that will open the doors to ABANCA in order to become the main shareholder of the club.

At the same time, there’s a conflict with advisor Miguel Otero. At the end of last week, he surprisingly released an open later in which he criticized the increase of capital operation that will give the ownership of the club to ABANCA, which is the base of the project of Fernando Vidal.

Otero argued that’s better to sell other assets rather than the whole club. He even had strong words towards Juan Carlos Escotet, the president of ABANCA. Off course, the letter wasn’t well received by Vidal and the other members of the board of directors.

The club hasn’t said anything in public, but the media speculates that the board is already searching for the way to get rid of Otero and event hat he can resign. Otero is well-known for other confrontations in the past when he tried to be the president of the club. He was constantly on the news attacking Tino Fernández when Paco Zas was running for the job last year.



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