27 May 2020
Attacker Hugo Vallejo conceded an interview to EFE. He talked of his decision to sign for Deportivo and how he is adapting to the current situation after the pandemic.

Q: That the government has authorized the return of football on June 8 is a "little" relief for the players
A: A little bit yes, because we are training a lot, at least us, putting a lot of physical load and if you lengthen it, in the end you get two months of pre-season, so, at least knowing that it begins on those dates, we can adapt better the trainings.

You continue to work in shifts, in small groups, was it difficult for you?
A: Yes, but right now, we are already training seven or eight men together, it becomes more enjoyable. When we were training individually, we didn’t do rounds, possessions and neither games as usual, but it’s fine. Even if you don't train with everyone, you see them.

Q: What did you miss the most during the confinement, before resuming training?
A: My family. My parents and my sister. Let's see if we can see each other soon [they live in Granada]. Since they didn’t give permission to leave, I wasn’t going to be alone either and I went to Brión with my girlfriend.

Q: Does the protocol set by La Liga give you security or do you feel some fear?
A: We are fulfilling everything they tell us, and I suppose that each one will have some kind of fear and insecurity. We get along well.

Q: Depor were caught in relegation positions, is there extra pressure having to get out of there as soon as possible in case La Liga cannot finish?
A: It’s a pressure because in the end we are a team that should not be there, but I think we are going to move it forward.

Q: How is Fernando Vázquez, your current coach?
A: He is a peculiar trainer and for young people, above all, he puts a lot of pressure on us, he's on top of us, and it's good to know that they do it and help you grow. I don’t have nothing to complaint about.

Q: Inside the bad, after the break you start from scratch, is that an advantage to have arrived in the winter market?
A: You could say it gives me a bit of an advantage. I train with the aim of having the maximum possible minutes. There’s a lot of physical load and the coach is going to need everyone.

Q: What is your assessment of these months in A Coruña?
I am delighted with the city, the people, who are super nice, super nice, and in the changing room I feel very comfortable.

Q: You came loaned from Real Madrid, how does one react when a club like that calls you?
A: I was freaking out. I was at Malaga’s B squad, at Tercera, and when they told me I thought: as this comes out, I have succeeded. It’s a dream for me to play there and hopefully it will last for many years.

Q: For what came from your environment, you also had interest from Barça, Atlético, Valencia. You could choose.
A: I was freaking out because having those teams and, so to speak, being able to choose, was a privilege. We have chosen the best option and I am very happy.

Q: What was the factor that tipped the scales in your decision?
A: Well, for how is Real Madrid, a very large club, and belonging to it gives you cache. They gave us confidence and that made us decide.

Q: Did it help that it also included the loan to Deportivo?
A: Yes, because I came from playing in the B squad at Tercera, Madrid comes and apart from that it sends me on loan to a historic club like Deportivo.

Q: In the medium term, in a few months, where do you see yourself, at Deportivo another year on loan, at Real Madrid, at another team?
A: My agents will have to see it. Still I know nothing. If they propose to me to continue a year at Deportivo, I would not see it badly, because it will be to be in Segunda in a great club and I have to gain confidence and minutes, so if I do it here, then I think I will grow a lot. If it’s in our interest to stay here, we will do it; if not, we will look for another solution.



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